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Follow the link for more information. For other uses, see ziarat e ashura in urdu pdf August. Not to be confused with Pakistan Day. 14 August, is a national holiday in Pakistan.

It commemorates the day when Pakistan achieved independence and was declared a sovereign nation following the end of the British Raj in 1947. The main Independence Day ceremony takes place in Islamabad, where the national flag is hoisted at the Presidential and Parliament buildings. Jinnah chairing a session in Muslim League general session, where Pakistan Resolution was passed. Independence Anniversary Series” by the Press Information Department of Pakistan, in 1948 in relation to the country’s first independence day which was celebrated on 15 August 1948. The area constituting Pakistan was historically a part of the British Indian Empire throughout much of the nineteenth century.

Chelmsford Reforms, but it also witnessed the enactment of the repressive Rowlatt Act and strident calls for self-rule by Indian activists. The widespread discontent of this period crystallized into nationwide non-violent movements of non-cooperation and civil disobedience. In the 1940s, as the Indian independence movement intensified, an upsurge of Muslim nationalism helmed by the All-India Muslim League took place, of which Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the most prominent leader. Being a political party to secure the interests of the Muslim diaspora in British India, the Muslim League played a decisive role during the 1940s in the Indian independence movement and developed into the driving force behind the creation of Pakistan as a Muslim state in South Asia.

In 1946, the Indian National Congress, being a secular party, demanded a single state. The 1946 Cabinet Mission to India was sent to try to reach a compromise between Congress and the Muslim League, proposing a decentralized state with much power given to local governments, but it was rejected by both of the parties and resulted in a number of riots in South Asia. Eventually, in February 1947, Prime Minister Clement Attlee announced that the British government would grant full self-governance to British India by June 1948 at the latest. On 3 June 1947, the British government announced that the principle of division of British India into two independent states was accepted. Since the transfer of power took place on the midnight of 14 and 15 August, the Indian Independence Act 1947 recognised 15 August as the birthday of both Pakistan and India. As from the fifteenth day of August, nineteen hundred and forty-seven, two independent Dominions shall be set up in India, to be known respectively as India and Pakistan. August 15 is the birthday of the independent and sovereign state of Pakistan.

It marks the fulfilment of the destiny of the Muslim nation which made great sacrifices in the past few years to have its homeland. The first commemorative postage stamps of the country, released in July 1948, also gave 15 August1994 as the independence day, however in subsequent years 14 August was adopted as the independence day. Pakistan Navy soldiers in a straight line are standing next to their national flag. The change of guard ceremony takes place at various monuments throughout the country. The independence day is one of the six public holidays observed in Pakistan and is celebrated all across the country. The official festivities take place in Islamabad and commence with the raising of the national flag on the Parliament House and the Presidency followed by a 31-gun salute in the capital and a 21-gun salute in provincial capitals.

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International governments, leaders and public figures also convey their greetings on the occasion. Overseas dignitaries are invited as chief guests in ceremonies, while foreign military contingents often participate in parades. As the month of August begins, special stalls, fun fairs and shops are set up across the country for the sale of national flags, buntings, banners and posters, badges, pictures of national heroes, multimedia and other celebratory items. Vehicles, private buildings, homes, and streets are decorated with national flags, candles, oil lamps, pennants and buntings. The day begins with special prayers for the integrity, solidarity, and development of Pakistan in mosques and religious places across the country. Immigrant communities in Pakistan partake in the festivities as well.

Security measures in the country are intensified as the independence day approaches, especially in major cities and in troubled areas. The security is set up after various representatives of intelligence and investigation agencies meet. High alert is declared in sensitive areas such as the country’s capital, to restrict security threats. On 13 August 2010, the country witnessed floods causing deaths of 1,600 people and affecting 14 million lives. On account of the calamity, the president made an announcement that there would not be any official celebration of the independence day that year.