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You never knew why, but now you do. Medications are one of the most common causes of urinary incontinence. 2018 Mayo Clinic – 200 First Street SW – Rochester, MN 55905 – All rights reserved. We are proud to present our third annual cohort of Young Entrepreneurs — those who are 35 or younger and young living price list 2017 usa pdf founded or cofounded a business.

While some feared we would run short of Young Entrepreneurs this year, we are happy to report that we received a record number of applications and are featuring more than ever before. On her popular blog, “my name is yeh,” the quirky, grounded blogger connects personally with readers. She chronicles major milestones and Minnesota farm-life antics as well as recipes inspired by her Jewish and Chinese heritage, often with a Midwestern twist. After studying percussion, why did you decide to start a food blog? Well, I’ve always kept a diary.

Since the day I could write, I’ve had this passion for documenting what’s going on in my life and the world. At first, the blog was just basically an extension of my diary, so I’d write about adventures like weekend trips from New York and fun things I was doing with my friends. Over time it became clear that what I really wanted to blog about was food. When I lived in New York, my writing was mostly about restaurants and then I discovered this passion for cooking my food. I realized how rewarding it was, and how it could be cheap and healthy to cook your own food rather than going out for all your meals, so I started blogging about recipes.

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Did you foresee it becoming a business? Just before I graduated, a friend told me she’d made her blog a career and that was the first time I realized it was possible to blog professionally. After that I was motivated to make it work because blogging and making food are two of my biggest passions. To be able to do both as a job is really rewarding. Would you have done anything differently if you’d have known you could blog as a career? I love playing music, but if I had known blogging could be a job maybe I would have gone a slightly different route so I could have done both. It all happened quite quickly, that I learned it was a job, and then I was like “all right, I want to make that my job.

I think I would have tried to do both at once. When and how did the blog become a full-fledged career? The business became official in 2013 when I started working with sponsors and publications like Betty Crocker and Food52 to create recipes and photos. That generated enough income to eventually make it a full-time job. In the beginning I was also negotiating contracts and corresponding with sponsors by myself so the first steps there were figuring out various rates and how to communicate with sponsors on a business level. What do you think sets you apart?

I really work to make recipes you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Not just recipes, but things like cake decorating ideas or techniques for flavor combinations. I use my experiences, my inspirations, my travels, my spice cabinet — which probably is the weirdest spice cabinet in East Grand Forks — to make this different? Partnerships and sponsored posts are a regular part of professional blogging, but I see you’ve partnered with a few local brands and businesses. Are local partnerships important to you?

How do those partnerships come together? They pop up in all sorts of different ways. These days a lot of the partnerships come through my agent Daniel and so he’ll work those out so a lot of that business-y stuff is something that Daniel focuses on. How have things changed with the success of the blog and your new book? Any plans or concerns around growing your team or taking on new projects?