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Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Coronary Calcium Scoring is a valid marker for heart disease risk. They have recanted, and finally admitted the coronary calcium score reliably predicts heart attack risk. The Coronary Calcium Score is a precise quantitative tool for measuring and tracking heart disease risk, and is more valuable and accurate than other traditional markers, such as total cholesterol, which is practically worthless as a predictor of heart disease risk. In youth, at left, there is minimal plaque formation.

However, at right with passage of time the plaque grows larger. CAT scan, providing a marker for the total plaque burden. Note that even though the right vessel has a larger plaque, the lumen has remodeled so that the inner diameter remains freely open. Eventually, as we age, the enlarging plaque eventually obstructs blood flow causing a heart attack. Another common scenario is plaque rupture which exposes the inflammatory debris of the plaque to the circulating blood.

In this example, we have an artery in the neck that feeds blood flow to the brain. Plaque rupture and occlusion of the artery in this case caused a stroke, however, the same process occurring in the heart causes a heart attack. Ask any interventional radiologist or invasive cardiologist where they find the plaque formation and obstructions in the arterial tree, and they will say its the same few places over and over again. These places are the carotid bifurcation, the distal aorta at the bifurcation, the femoral bifurcation, the exit from the adductor canal. And of course, the proximal coronary arteries, and bifurcations of the coronary arteries. William Davis MD recommends screening CAT heart scans in males over 40 and females over 50. He would start at younger ages if high-risk features are present, such as strong family history of early heart disease, cigarette smoker, diabetes mellitus, or severe lipid or lipoprotein genetic disorders.

The Coronary Calcium Score test is currently covered by Medicare and many health insurances. Credit and Thanks is given to William Davis MD at the Track Your Plaque Web site for much of the information in this article. I have added a few items, though. CAT scans of the Coronary Arteries.

Calcium scoring may be superior to angiography as a means to track plaque. That’s because the vast majority of heart attacks are due to plaque rupture and thrombosis at areas of thickened plaque with minimal lumen narrowing. Over time, the body’s healing process automatically remodels the areas of thickened plaque, and increases lumen size to compensate for the reduced blood flow. Calcium scoring gives a precise number which correlates with the amount of plaque volume. The Main Treatment Goal is the reduction in Coronary Artery Calcium Score, and by inference, reduction in plaque volume and reduction in cardiovascular mortality. These numbers have not been published as far as I know. Davis considers treatment success to be reduction in this rate from 30 to perhaps only a 5-10 per cent increase in calcium score per year.

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