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Your hotel reservations, personal data and privacy are protected and secure. While other hotel re-sellers may contact you offering housing for your trip, they are not endorsed by or affiliated with the show and entering into financial agreements with such companies can have costly consequences. Enforcement of this rule is in an effort to allow all companies the opportunity to secure a room within these smaller properties. Any companies which book above 10 rooms total via group and individual bookings will be contacted and asked to relocate rooms to another property. Peak to secure a special application. PLEASE NOTE: BIO does not negotiate any government rates for hotel rooms. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

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We live in a highly politicized time in the American national conversation, and nursing and healthcare are not immune from this phenomenon. At times it seems that everything is political in nature — and perhaps most things are in the 21st century. The opioid epidemic is still getting worse. Any redistribution or reproduction of any materials herein is strictly prohibited. Rockville, Maryland, in the United States. The company was started in 1939 as Quality Courts, a referral chain consisting of seven motel owners in the South.

It published the names of all properties complying with its standards and referred guests to the member properties. In 1941, the group incorporated as Quality Courts United. During its early years, Quality Courts’ operations were entirely in areas of the United States east of the Mississippi River and portions of Canada. The company became Quality International as the company switched to franchising in 1972. A few years later, with the franchising well on its way, about 300 hotels were independently owned and only about 38 were still company-owned.

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