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Die Breg, die Brigach und der Krähenbach gelten als Quellflüsse. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 11. Juli 2017 um 14:02 Uhr bearbeitet. Regelfall durch Anklicken dieser abgerufen werden. Möglicherweise unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen. This article needs additional citations for verification. This is a list of languages arranged by the approximate dates of the oldest existing texts recording a complete sentence in the language.

A written record may encode a stage of a language corresponding to an earlier time, either as a result of oral tradition, or because the earliest source is a copy of an older manuscript that was lost. An oral tradition of epic poetry may typically bridge a few centuries, and in rare cases, over a millennium. Because of the way languages change gradually, it is usually impossible to pinpoint when a given language began to be spoken. For languages that have developed out of a known predecessor, dates provided here are subject to conventional terminology. Writing first appeared in the Near East at the beginning of the 3rd millennium BC. In East Asia towards the end of the second millennium BC, the Sino-Tibetan family was represented by Old Chinese.

Earlier symbols, such as the Jiahu symbols, Vinča symbols and the marks on the Dispilio tablet, are believed to be proto-writing, rather than representations of language. Some proper names attested in Sumerian texts at Tell Harmal from about 2800 BC. Fragments of the Legend of Etana at Tell Harmal c. Isolated Hittite words and names occur in Assyrian texts found at Kültepe, from the 19th century BC. These are mostly administrative lists, with some complete sentences.

Isolated hieroglyphs appear on seals from the 18th century BC. Seal impression from the tomb of Seth-Peribsen, containing the oldest known complete sentence in Egyptian, c. Letter in Sumerian cuneiform sent by the high-priest Lu’enna, informing him the king of Lagash of his son’s death in battle, c. Greek Linear B tablet from Pylos, recording the distribution of hides, c. Ox scapula inscribed with three records of divinations in the reign of Wu Ding of the Chinese Shang dynasty, c. The Ahiram epitaph is the earliest substantial inscription in Phoenician.

Northwest Semitic language, though only one or two words have been deciphered. In the Early Iron Age, alphabetic writing spread across the Near East and southern Europe. There is only fragmentary evidence for languages such as Iberian, Tartessian, Galatian, Thracian and Messapian. Paleo-Hebrew employed a slightly modified Phoenician alphabet, hence the uncertainty between which is attested to here. Inscriptions from the early 6th century consist of isolated names. Pottery inscriptions from Anuradhapura have been dated c. Elder Futhark runic alphabet appear to record Proto-Norse names.

A single word in Proto-Norse language is found on the Øvre Stabu spearhead dated to the second half of the 2nd century. A brief undeciphered inscription at San Bartolo is dated to the 3rd century BC. A few problematic Gothic runic inscriptions may date to the early 4th century. Saint Mesrob Mashtots is traditionally held to have translated an Armenian Bible in 434.

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