Type and trait theories of personality pdf

Raymond Cattell began with type and trait theories of personality pdf list of more than 18,000 words that described personality. He reduced this list manually to about 4,500 words and statements. On this basis, Cattell produced a standardized test that can be used to assess people’s personality according to these 16 factors.

Factor analysis is a kind of correlation analysis with multiple variables. It measures the degree to which two variables are related by having a tendency to increase or decrease together. For example, if “frequency of exercise” and “blood pressure level” were measured on a large group of people, then inter-correlating these two variables would indicate the degree to which “exercise” and “blood pressure” are related to each other. Factors which correlate, will appear as “clusters”. Words and statements that are different, but still covers the same meaning, are likely to have a close correlation and therefore will show up in the same cluster, and thus can then be reduced to a single statement.

Cattell defined personality as “that which permits a prediction of, what a person will do in a given situation. 16PF Group profiles for pilots, artists and authors. When the test is given to groups of people from same profession, group profiles can emerge. For example, writers tend to be imaginative, while pilots are unsentimental, and artists are experimenting and thinking abstract. Cattell had basicly an engineering and mathematical approach to personality. He developed his test independently of the psychiatric hospitals. This distinguishes the 16PF test from the Eysenck, Rorschach and MMPI tests.

Cattell test is from the beginning targeting normal persons, and it is not like the others designed to detect pathological mental deviations. One can say that it has a somewhat healthier approach to personality. However, a complete personality test is very extensive. Persons are characterized on a scale between two extremes.

Highly extraverted persons are party lions, who get everything from others, attitudes, opinions as well as knowledge. They have a strong need for social contact all the time. They do not have any independent thoughts. As soon as they are alone they will immediately start to feel bored.

Extraverted people find it hard to concentrate on detailed work. They feel that the world goes past them, while they sit messing in these unimportant details. Extraverted persons will react to stress by turning aggressive. One can say they try to solve the problems socially.

It goes without saying that many actors and politicians are very outgoing personalities, who are really good at social interaction. They simply can not stay away from the limelight. Highly introverted people want to be left in peace to take care of their own projects and to think their own thoughts. It’s not that they do not like social contact. Humans are social beings, and the introverted personalities are too.

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