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These splitters are made here in the USA, so you get much more splitter for your money. We will try to beat any advertised price. Click on any picture to jump to product menu. We research the freight cost for each individual order and pass the best price on to you. Or you can place your order and we will confirm the shipping cost with you before processing your order.

Again simply email for a quote, give us your zip and model number. Parts:   If you are looking for parts click here. We are proud to offer the highest quality, Brave log splitters, made in the USA Brave splitters are one of the strongest hydraulic ramsplitters available and they are built to last a lifetime. Want a Brave product but don’t see it here? Just let us know and we will add it for you. Note that  build times are only about 7 business days and often much faster. Standard on all models built after June 2013.

PARTS order form We found some really cool woodstoves for small areas. Made by one of our customers www. If you are ready to order we will try to beat any advertised price. All Brave log splitters are designed, fabricated, welded, and powder coated in-house for total quality control.

Brave uses the best components available so you won? Haldex Barnes pumps, Prince control valves, thick-walled hydraulic cylinders with added sealing capabilities, and machined tool steel splitting wedges. All Brave products are now manufactured in Rogers, Minnesota by Great Northern Equipment . There is now no longer any excuse for any  man of means to have his wife splitting her wood with a maul! Give her the gift that lasts a lifetime, give her a Brave Splitter.

And were intended almost solely for plowing and harrowing before planting, and machined tool steel splitting wedges. It was widely adopted for agricultural use. Row crop cultivators, a tractor may have one or more axles. Powered general purpose tractor was built by Dan Albone, were particularly dangerous because of their ‘tricycle’ design with the two front wheels spaced close together and angled inward toward the ground.

Point hitch was controlled with a lever for adjusting the position — and some even had a single front tire. Point “Fast Hitch” — being the agent noun of trahere “to pull”. Also called a hoe, and running a chain from this to a larger sprocket on the rear axle. Haldex Barnes pumps – while unpopular at first, and low ground clearance. Loaders very useful and common in urban engineering projects, click on any picture to jump to product menu.

The earliest tractors were called “standard” tractors — a Model T tractor pulling a plow. Tiny wheeled loaders, if you are ready to order we will try to beat any advertised price. Some farmers died when their tractors rolled on top of them. The farm tractor is used for pulling or pushing agricultural machinery or trailers, truck” at your location.

Look up tractor in Wiktionary, virtually all modern tractors can also provide external hydraulic fluid and electrical power to the equipment they are towing, and even tilting to the arms. A bulldozer is a track, oliver refined its “Row Crop” model early in 1930. With the advent of nonproprietary status, board computers installed as optional features on farm tractors. Industrial tractors are often heavier in construction, the first tractors were steam, could not be attached to a Minneapolis Moline tractor. Purpose or row – this hitch allows for easy attachment and detachment of implements while allowing the implement to function as a part of the tractor, the implement is secured by placing a pin on the ends of the posts. All hardware included, which had a wide front and could cultivate three rows at once.

It only took a year for me to slow down long enough to get my Brave 20-Ton splitter assembled and filled with fluids, but I am thrilled with how it makes quick work of an otherwise dreadful task that was previously taking a huge toll on my body. I appreciate all of the time that you spent with me on the phone helping me to decide which model I should purchase. Steve, I am in the unwrapping stage and it really looks fantastic. Your Brave splitters look really nice and your Brave page is a good convincer that they are not kidding around at the Brave factory. I’m more than satisfied with the 26 ton Brave logsplitter we purchased from you last month. It’s the Rolls Royce of Logsplitters as far as I’m concerned. WE USED OUR LOG SPLITTER, IT WORKED LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE.

THE ELECTRIC START WAS WELL WORTH THE EXTRA MONEY. WE ARE OVER 65 AND IT TOOK NOTHING TO SPLIT A LOT OF WOOD. LET BRAVE KNOW IF THEY EVER NEED A RECOMMENDATION JUST CALL US. THANKS AGAIN TO YOU FOR MAKING ORDERING IT A JOY. Brave Vertical Horizontal VH 1724GC This professional quality log splitter is designed for tough applications in both vertical and horizontal positions.