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Learn more here about Arkansas’ crown jewel for floating scenery—the one, the only Buffalo National River! Buffalo River Day Trips We promise, a day trip on the upper Buffalo National River will become one of your favorite outdoor adventures. And, one you’ll want to repeat for a lifetime. Learn more about canoeing, kayaking and rafting Arkansas’ finest river scenery here! Multi-Day Trips Interested in an overnight float trip on America’s First National River? Click here to get info about trip options, helpful map downloads, and more!

Shuttle Rates Get rates for BOC canoe, kayak and raft rental, plus, vehicle shuttles. Buffalo River Maps Download a printable PDF of the entire Buffalo National River. Also, get handy sectional PDF maps of the upper river district from Ponca to Carver. Before You Float First time to float the upper Buffalo National River?

It provides much of the essential advance information that can help you get the most enjoyment out of your river adventure! Buffalo River Camping Camping on the Buffalo River is a beautiful outdoor experience, whether you’re in a designated National Park Service campground or camping on a vacant gravel bar along the river. Current Buffalo River Level Click here for today’s USGS water level for Ponca, our estimated air space measurement, and other info that we feel might be helpful to paddlers. Kayaks Looking for a deal on a used canoe or kayak? Learn more here about when’s the best time to grab one, price to expect, etc. Get the latest updates from the River!

Kinder at 638 Little Mill Road on the Calcasieu River. 27  miles north of Lake Charles, Louisiana, where there are a variety of attractions only a 30 minute drive away from your campsite. Tube Tour and River Bend RV Park also have a joint canoeing adventure planned for you on the  Ouiska Chitto River. If a large group of people camping at River Bend RV Park are hungry for crawfish, you can have Marcantel Crawfish Catering Company cater a crawfish boil at the RV Park. Contact River Bend RV Park near Kinder, LA       We hope you plan to visit with us soon. If you have any questions or comments concerning River Bend RV Park, our services, or this website, please feel free to contact us. River Bend RV Park assumes NO responsibility for the use of its sites and facilities.