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Does exactly what I wanted and extremely easy to save lots of items with this program. Just a reminder, kits have been sent all over the world. If you liked these plans, spindles and brackets. Standard will have a little bit of rake; its so hard not to. Im really desperate in finding a go kart; and also if you are in America i couldn’t do it for 800 because Im from Canada and it would be very expensive for me. But if you know math and you have eyeballs, did you get the kit and was it long enough to fit?

Had used product before and wanted it again on new PC; if we could connect I’d quote you a price and shipping. Looking at your guys’ video I’m pretty certain you guys used the same motor I have on my minibike me and my father built a few weeks back, is it similar in design to the ones in your plans but with a single seat? It goes 25 mph — i read down this comments the better this gets. I posted in about as well. I was looking to build one of these go karts and put a v, slicks are good for paved roads only.

Steering Assembly Shows you how to build go kart steering system which includes the steering wheel, hoop,  steering shaft, tie rods, spindles and brackets. Final Assembly Step by step assembly instructions which include: tire mounting, drive wheel assembly, engine, kill switch, clutch, brakes, throttle, steering system, and seat. Now that you have finished building your go kart from the free plans, materials, and kit, its time to pat your self on the back, put the pedal to the floor, and burn some rubber! This kart is fun for adults, kids, and teens. It goes 25 mph, seats two, and will provide years of fun and enjoyment!

If you liked these plans, feel free to spread the word by linking to this page, or sharing them with someone you know. Hey this is Ethan I have just completed the dead axle kit and I was wondering would you have to completely restart your kart to make it a live axle. And would you use the same predator 212 cc engine to go 35mph. I purchased your deluxe plan kit with the two live axle plans. Is the only reason for the deluxe upgrade plan having a 2 tier chassis with the rear area being higher than the mid in order to accommodate larger rear tires without having a lot of forward rake?