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I have heard that it mentioned that the right hand would be no good without a left and they complement each other . Although I fully understand the negative attitude there has been towards left handed ness. We must not let this make us lose sight of the picture that has been painted the arrangers of marriage pdf in this hymn . Thank you for your reply which I do not agree with.

I have pointed out the bad logic of this hymn to a right handed parent of a left handed child who said that they had never realised it before but the hymn did indeed make out left handed people as being second class. The Good News Bible refers to the right hand side of God whereas the KJV says the right hand of God. Neither says however that the right hand of God is doing anything at all. The hymn constantly repeats that the right hand of God is moving.

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A newcomer to the Church might wonder what the left hand of God is doing. Since the Bible has many references to he rather than she the tendency is now for gender balance as is seen in many old hymns which have now been changed in StF. Surely this imbalance is also deeply embedded in scripture. To correct gender imbalance was part of the remit of the StF authors. So if this emphasis can be changed in StF why cannot you see that it is offensive to left handed people to sing this hymn? Can you please tell me if there any modern hymn writers who refer to the right hand of God? Left handed people until relatively recent years were often decried at school and told to write right handed.