The 5 dysfunctions of a team pdf

Jay works as an ESP with the Neuro Spinal surgeons at the regional The 5 dysfunctions of a team pdf Neuro Centre in Southampton. Jay has worked in private practice as well as the NHS and feels very fortunate to have taught courses to many physios working with Premiership football and rugby clubs. He has lectured all over the UK and abroad on a number of manyual therapy topics. He has a keen interest in golf and is a PGA accredited lecturer on swing biomechanics and performance enhancement.

Jay is the Chair for the Committee for Education and Approval within the MACP and sits on the Executive board. This course will provide a comprehensive outline of the biomechanics of the lumbar spine and pelvis. It will enable therapists to identify dysfunction of this area of the body and will equip them with varying treatments to correct these dysfunctions. There will be a focus on clinical reasoning throughout the course, making the recognition of lumbar spine and pelvis problems easier.

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Treatments will include all the MET’s for all the dysfunctions, as well as, basic manipulation. Close attention will be given to good handling and alternative methods where appropriate. Bony palpation – palpation of all bony landmarks and soft tissue. Sacral Torsions and side bent sacrums – biomechanics and identification of backward and forward sacral torsions, moving to treatments of these.

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