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Belbin helps managers make decisions The role of the Manager is crucial to team performance. But being a successful Manager isn’t an easy task. We help you get the most from Belbin Belbin is a practical and easy-to-use tool. We offer training to help you get the most out of Belbin and start making a difference. We can help them discover their strengths, and in increasingly competitive educational and working environments, that’s just what they need. Belbin Team Roles is the language of teams, enabling individuals to be able to project and talk about their behavioural strengths in a productive, safe and non-confrontational way. By using Belbin, individuals have a greater self-understanding of their strengths, which leads to more effective communication between colleagues and managers.

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Below are more than sixty fun, free team building activities that can improve teamwork, develop trust, and enhance problem solving skills and the best part is, the majority of these team challenges can be delivered anywhere, by anyone and with limited or no equipment. All you have to do is click on the link of one of the team building activities and you will be taken to an information page containing: challenge description, equipment requirements and suggested learning outcomes. If you need some help on how to teach a team building session then make sure you check out our workshop delivery section featuring helpful articles and video tutorials. The group stand in an outward facing circle with their backs to one another. As a team they have to count as high as they can out loud with only one person saying a number at a time. This is a guessing game that focuses on listening skills and strategy.

Here are a selection of quick and easy to deliver blindfold team building challenges. These blindfold activities can be delivered in less than 20 minutes and only require a blindfold and a rope. Great for developing communication skills, especially active listening and they are also good fun! Blindfolded participants are given a route by their partners, and then tasked with retracing their steps without any instruction to try and end up as close to the start point as possible. In this fun and challenging blindfold activity, the group is split into smaller sub-teams and must compete against each other to try and retrieve an object.

One person is blindfolded in each team and directed by their team-mates using simple commands to try and find the object before the other team. Blindfolded and under pressure, the group have to work together in a race against the clock to put up a tent. Blindfold tent build is a great challenge for developing communication and leadership skills. Working as a team, blindfolded participants follow a rope and try to navigate their way round a series of obstacles. Trust, support, leadership and communication is essential for this challenge. In this activity, the team has to form a perfect square using rope while blindfolded.

The objective of this fun blindfold activity is for smaller sub-teams to work together and communicate effectively to retrieve a bomb before the other teams. This challenge focusses on communication, trust and cooperation. In smaller teams, blindfolded team members must be guided into a pen by the shepherd giving them verbal commands. The team that pens the most amount of sheep in the quickest time, wins the challenge. One at a time, blindfolded team members are guided by their team mates through an obstacle course to the finish line. They must rely heavily on trust and communication to complete the challenge. Working in pairs, blindfolded participants are led on a walk around the surrounding area or a course by their partners.

This is great activity for focusing on communication skills and developing trust. Request Information on a Facilitated Team Building Program Fill out the information below to be contacted by Team Builders Plus, our preferred team building provider. Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you. What is the purpose of your event? Anything else you would like us to know? Once the group has achieved this, the size of the area decreases, becoming smaller and smaller over time. Working in pairs, one person must describe a shape without naming it, whilst their partner must try to draw the shape they are describing to try and get as close the original shape as possible.

This activity focusses heavily on verbal communication and listening skills. The team is tasked with creating balloon sculptures that reflect how they view the team. This activity works well with participants that are of different job levels and allows everyone to show creativity and make connections. Participants line up in a straight line side-by-side. You can also get them to get in order by height, shoe size, favourite colour etc. This is a quick initiative exercise using lateral thinking. Introduce the challenge and explain that they must recreate the wine glass without the fly in it.

Specifically designed for people who work with groups, this is a live 75 minute interactive workshop I led using Google Plus Hangouts On Air. It is also true that where institutional capacity is limited, infrastructure development is probably constrained. We can help them discover their strengths, this will be an interactive interview. Concerns and needs are unique to each community, extension Outreach and Engagement. According to the report; included: Twelve mottos for your consideration. Once a team member steps on a mine – group games that encourage creative thinking are great fun and perfect for teens. In this fun team challenge, together spirit can go a long way toward carrying a school community through the highs and lows of a year.