Syncopation for the modern drummer pdf

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I am having trouble downloading files from your site. How can I make my song endings more natural? Can I hold the last chord in the song and have it fade out? I’m unable to open or burn CD audio files on Windows Vista or Windows 7. Can I use multiple MIDI output devices at the same time? Why do I get a font error when I try to view or print notation? How do I connect my computer to an external MIDI synthesizer?

No drivers are listed in the MIDI Driver Setup dialog. How do I control what I record and what I listen to? Can I correct the tuning of my sound card? Why is there a delay between when I play a note on my MIDI keyboard, and when I hear the note play through my computer speakers? 4 time in the middle of my song? In the Select Soloist dialog, what do the brackets around some of the Soloists mean?

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I press play, my instrument selection changes. How do I enter quarter note triplets? How do I use tag endings? Why does the ‘tag exists’ box sometimes become unchecked automatically?