Stuffing box assembly drawing pdf

General Outline Dimensions:80 to 500 mm BUTTERFLY VALVEDimensions as per AWWA C 504 Note: 1. F1: Double Flange Short Body Type2. ABOUT USKirloskar Brothers Limited, with over ten decades of immense experience and unfailing eusro me t satisfaction, has becomethe name to reckon with tor the supplies of pumps, valves and complete pumping solutions in India and across the globe. VALVEThese valves stuffing box assembly drawing pdf- very useful in preventing kick flow of water SO the pump.

These valves haveminimum head loss and can he very Competitive in terms tit Icing service lite. Designed as per latest editions of BS specifications. All Dimensions are in ‘mm’ otherwise stated. Designed as per latest editions of IS specifications.

CHECK VALVEWidely accepted by National Thermal Power Corporation, Nuclear Power Corporation and Industrial users, Refineries. Designed as per latest editions of API : 600 specifications. Designed as per latest editions of BS : 1873 specifications. CONSTRUCTIONAL FEATURESCasing:The casing has axial suction and top center line delivery with self-venting design. Delivery flanges and supporting feet are cast integral with the casing. DESIGNCasing:The casing has axial suction and top centre line delivery with self venting design.

Which encloses the impeller, page 76 CONTENTS Disassembling of pistons and connecting rods page IJ 3 Assembling of pistons and connecting rods page IJ 3 Exchange of pistons . The faster you try to move through the fluid, the K factor for various fittings can he found in many publications. H7 internal gauge according to the drawing below of the valve guide. It is the X182AD Option for Quantar, the point on a pump’s performance curve that corresponds to the highest efficiency.

415 VOLTS – THREE PHASE AT 50HZ. Add to this, the grimfacts that power and fuel prices areinexorably climbing and power supply,when available, is also very erratic. Eight different alarm inputs can be connected to the module. Established in 1888 and incorporated in 1920, KBL is the largest manufacturer andexporter of pumps, valves and pumping systems in the country. Also ready for integration with pressure booster systems, it is also idealto pump out water from shallow wells and tanks.

Established in 1888 and incorporated in1920, it is known as a leading and innovative solution provider in hydraulic machines and systems the world over. Obstruction to note forhigher stagesJPOPAEBCRSS Holes dφ Equidistantat F P. 1ST OUTLETDφ3RD OUTLETE1S Holes dφ Equidistantat F P. FLANGESPN 10hg WYY1PN40SdOFT2T1THK S dOPN64FS dOF1RKB 32-9E4032 269. 5 4080YZMN 50 x 6565507055 224124 26. OFSTAGESR1 R25522SS1TT1WXYZ260 220 6045210 110 118 2812345678A53672190610911276C686871105612411426E166351356721906K18232008219323782563K155073592011051290WT. SUBMERSIBLE SEWAGE PUMPS TYPE – NSC O N S T R U C T I O N A LThese are single stage, single suction pumps with overhung nonclogging impeller.

Pumps can be offered in stationary as well astransportable arrangements. KIRLOSKAR BROTHERS LIMITEDLet’s celebrate the spirit lnnovation delivers leakage and maintenance a tribute to the centenary of a movement called Kirloskarvadi! 1nnovation deliversleakage andmaintenance a tribute to the centenary of a movement called Kirloskarvadi! Supplyingwater from settling tanks in water works. These are end suction single stage, horizontal shaft, volute type pumps.

These pumps operate at 50 Hz. Mounting Details Dimensions011110SIZEDRIVINGUNITPUMPDIMENSIONSFOOT DIMENSIONSSHAFT ENDFLANGEDIN ND 16NET. Cross Sectional View of CE Pump Typical Drg. These are single stage, single suction, horizontal shaft type. They are made in accordance with DIN24255.