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If you don’t have access to a fridge anymore, what will you do? Sophie quire and the last story guard pdf will you preserve your meat for later use?

People have been using other methods to preserve their food for centuries. This knowledge can come in real useful. You can start by taking a look in your kitchen. Examine how much food you have and think how much of it would spoil without refrigeration.

Meat would be the first one to go once you lose electricity, but spoiling can be prevented using old-fashioned techniques. Methods such as smoking and curing are just two examples used for a long time, and are efficient when it comes to keeping meat from spoiling. First, you need to decide on a place where you will store your meat. Ideally, you will want to do it in the coldest area available.

Good examples are the attic, a storage shed, a shelter etc. Use a thermometer to check the temperature in each place and decide on the best one. How to Cure Meat Curing is a technique which basically involves preserving the meat in salt. This was one of the most common ways of keeping meat fresh in the days before refrigeration. Some still use it today, but now it is more about enhancing the flavor of the meat, not about preserving it.

Meat spoils because it is a good place for bacteria to thrive in. Bacteria need water, and there is a lot of water content in the meat, especially the muscle fibers. This is solved by introducing salt. It will expel a lot of the water from the meat, and creates an environment where bacteria cannot develop and multiply. The sugar is necessary in order to counterbalance all of the salt, and will also give the meat a distinct flavor. If you like, other sweet products can be used such as honey or maple syrup. You can also add your favorite herbs and spices if you want, they will also give your meat a unique aroma.

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There is another ingredient which, ideally, should be included: sodium nitrite. At the same time, high levels of nitrite can also be toxic, and you need to take special care with this step. There are two safe ways for you to add sodium nitrite. Using green leafy vegetables such as celery, spinach and lettuce. They all naturally contain sodium nitrite. You can add juice or extract and you will get the sodium nitrite you need.

1, this salt already contains a mixture of regular table salt and sodium nitrite in the appropriate composition. Once you have the necessary ingredients, start cutting the meat into slabs. Pork is commonly used, but you can also use beef or fish. Take a slab and cover it heavily in the salt mixture. Do this with the rest of the meat.