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Joetsu Shinkansen as it snow country kawabata pdf between Echigo Yuzawa and Niigata Stations. Passengers can enjoy one and only modern art created by some of today’s most prominent artists for the Genbi Shinkansen. There is a café that serve desserts that use local ingredients with menu direction by Romi Igarashi.

Enjoy them with popular coffee by “Tsubame Coffee”. Kids room is available and breathtaking scenery from the window will make your trip unforgettable. Come see and feel the uniqe shinkansen experience of traveling with modern art. Masters graduate of the Kyoto City University of Arts Graduate School of Arts Department of Visual Design. Matsumoto creates installations using silk cloth, carpets, and wallpaper. Underneath a scorching mid-summer sun, there is not a person in sight on the terraced rice paddies but the motor sound of a grass cutter can be heard on and off. Rice stalks are still barely visible from in between the leaves, stretching with strength and grace but without getting in the way of the straight green leaves.

Looking down from the observatory, I see the ocean lying beyond the rows of rice. When the wind blows, both the rice field and the ocean ripple like a wave and I soon get a break from my pouring sweat. A journey starts with the preparatory stage. A bag size is determined by the volume of things that will most likely be necessary at the destination. Shoes are chosen according to the geography of the destination. Pick out your favorite clothes, thinking about what it will be like when you get there.

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This is a device that projects that time and space. This projection, which creates subtle changes, could open viewers’eyes to things that become visible thanks to senses that have been stirred awake by a journey. The scenery that we will see today include green mountains, clouds floating high above low mountains, golden rice waving in the wind, pure white plains, a sparkling silver world. Just when you think that mountains are drawing near, the view opens before your eyes. Tunnels provide rest when you need it. One of the charms of a railway is that you will find yourself at your destination once you surrender yourself to this large power that rushes through in a straight line on a precise timetable.

I think to myself, what will we see when we come out of that long tunnel? 2009, received an MA for Fine Arts from the Chelsea College of Arts and Design in London where he is also currently based. Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation at London in 2011. It’s possible to visit a museum while on one’s travels but seeing artwork inside a shinkansen will not only excite the traveler but it will create an illusion of being in an actual museum. Special things find a place in people’s hearts. The local stories that I’ve heard from my friend, a cooking expert from Niigata, have created an image of Niigata that despite its lack of glamour and glitz, it is a place where you can find nature that is abundant and kind, not to mention beautiful scenes of terraced rice paddies that I so love.

Rice planting starts in spring and by fall harvest, the land is covered in a beautiful yellow. In winter, snow falls on the rice paddies to create another beautiful scene. 2002 graduate of the same university with major in Nihonga. Solo exhibitions include the Michigan State University Museum, Maison Hermes 8F Forum, and multiple exhibitions at home and abroad including the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, The National Museum of Art Osaka, Yokosuka Museum of Art, Asia Pacific Art Trienalle 7, and Perth International Art Festival 2014. News is that shinkansen, a Japanese treasure, is going to turn into a modern art museum. But that’s not all, Paramodel is going to create and exhibit art for it.

Our work merges as the interior of a kid’s space. The train car, which is usually a boring space for most kids, will turn into a fun play spot for them. Niigata is home to a modern art festival and now, people can appreciate art on their way there and appreciate even more art once they arrive for a trip filled to the brim with modern art. There are also many good sake houses so people can enjoy art with a cup of their favorite sake in hand.