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Disclaimer: Most patterns are easy to implement because we use dynamic typing, functional programming and, of course, Clojure. Some of them look wrong and sb episode 30 pdf. All characters are fake, coincidences are accidental. That’s why we need design patterns.

Two modest programmers Pedro Veel and Eve Dopler are solving common software engineering problems and applying design patterns. First delivery is a register, login and logout functionality for their brand new site. Pedro: Every action should implement this interface and define specific execute behaviour. Pedro: Usage is simple as well. Pedro: What do you think, Eve?

Pedro: It’s important to wrap here, because now we can operate on generic Command objects. Pedro: Delayed call, logging, history tracking, caching, plenty of usages. Pedro: What the hell this hash sign? Eve: Or if you want – no-hash solution. Pedro: And how do you save function for delayed call in that case?

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What do you need to call a function? Eve: Definitely, Command is just a function. But users must be sorted by name and users with subscription must appear before all other users. Reverse sorting should keep subscripted users on top. Eve: How would you implement custom comparator? Eve: Stop talking, show me the code!

Pedro: Could you do the same? Pedro: Whatever, it’s very hard to understand what’s happening there. Pedro: Very doubtful approach to pass strategy. Eve: I don’t care, because Strategy is just a function passed to another function. Eve: You just hide value that affects behaviour inside User object.

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