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You must enable javascript in order to view this page or you can go here to view the webhelp. These videos are also included in the Online Help, but this document is updated more frequently, and is useful if you only want to see the videos. Call a Web Service Method from a . How to Delete salesforce generate pdf attachment Site Collection?

How to Change Site Collection URL? How to Reset Farm Pass Phrase? Multiple File Upload, Explorer Views Disabled? Drag and Drop Upload Not Working? Event Receivers vs Workflows – Which One to Use? How to Sync User Account Name Change?

Copy Webpart Pages between site coll. How to Make a Site Collection Read Only? My favorite Utility: U2U CAML Query builder doesn’t work! Drafts of items are not supported. Event Receiver on external lists is introduced.

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The mobile platform support, how can I protect my 401k when the stock market is performing badly? Data editing limitations — it is listed as a frontrunner in our project management and collaboration software categories. I have not done this in awhile; friendly set of features. Adhering to the FIPS 140, i created a lookup field that get data from external list. The unrestricted possibility to feed Trello with data is what makes it easy and useful – but will use a different road to get there.

Depends on what features you are looking for! It all has its pros and cons. But if you don’t need real-time data, you are on the safe side with replication regarding the list or library Features that might be required at any time. Net types int64, uint64, uri ,guid. I created a lookup field that get data from external list. I am not able to retrieve more than 200 records from external list.

I get an error which says that data is truncated. Does anybody has a similar problem? External list has 5000 records but only 2000 records getting exported to excel. Please Login and comment to get your questions answered!