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Susie was an administrative assistant in a safe people townsend pdf company that planned training sessions for different industries. After a few months of really liking her work, though, Susie began to lose energy. Eventually, her friend and coworker, Lynda, asked her what was wrong. Susie couldn’t put her finger on the problem at first.

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Then she realized: The problem was Jack! Slowly, Jack was shifting his responsibilities onto Susie. Just do your own work and don’t worry about him. But what if things go wrong? His anger can’t hurt you as much as his poor work habits can. So Susie began to set limits on Jack. I will not have time to bring the materials for you this week.

I’m sorry that you have not done that before now, and I understand that you are in a bind. Maybe next time you will plan better. Some trainers were angry that their equipment was not set up, and customers were angry that no food was provided for the break. But the boss tracked down the problem to the person who was responsible — Jack — and told him to shape up, or find another job.