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Check Out PBS Video Watch local and national programs from anywhere at anytime. Please forward this error screen to sharedip-166627398. American poet, novelist, and literary critic and was one of the founders of New Criticism. He was also a charter member of the Fellowship of Southern Writers. Warren was born in Guthrie, Kentucky, very near the Tennessee-Kentucky border, to Robert Warren and Anna Penn. While still an undergraduate at Vanderbilt University, Warren became associated with the group of poets there known as the Fugitives, and somewhat later, during the early 1930s, Warren and some of the same writers formed a group known as the Southern Agrarians. Warren’s best-known work is All the King’s Men, a novel that won the Pulitzer Prize in 1947.

1956 and in 1979 for Now and Then. In 1974, the National Endowment for the Humanities selected him for the Jefferson Lecture, the U. Warren was co-author, with Cleanth Brooks, of Understanding Poetry, an influential literature textbook. His first marriage was to Emma Brescia. In April 2005, the United States Postal Service issued a commemorative stamp to mark the 100th anniversary of Warren’s birth. Introduced at the post office in his native Guthrie, it depicts the author as he appeared in a 1948 photograph, with a background scene of a political rally designed to evoke the setting of All the King’s Men.

Vanderbilt University houses the Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities, which is sponsored by the College of Arts and Science. The original name of the apartments was changed to The Penn Warren in 2010. Los Altos, California: William Kaufmann, Inc. The Oxford Illustrated Literary Guide to the United States. New York: Oxford University Press, 1982: 291.

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