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The BBC reports from within a USAF unit in action in Afghanistan. Hear a strategic perspective on US–China Relations from a true China scholar. Listen to a discussion concerning pre-NPR ideas and nuclear deterrence overall. Air University Press will be launching a new academic journal later this year. You can visit our bookstore in the east wing of the Muir S.

The Press is closed today and is slated to reopen tomorrow at noon. We’d like to wish everyone a happy, healthy 2018. Something new from Air University Press: The Air Force Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs. The leader of the group in Libya, Jalaluddin al-Tunisi, is among those most qualified to succeed Baghdadi. Now 25 years since the start of the Bosnian War. If you haven’t visited AUP’s FB page recently, you are missing out. Run down on the class of Russian frigate that is steaming toward US destroyers in the Mediterranean.

Happy 50th Anniversary to the Star Trek franchise, always inspiring us to boldly go where no one has gone before. AU Press publications are available at no cost to active duty, total force, and retired military and to Department of Defense personnel and organizations. Since 1953, it has edited, published, and distributed over 1. 1 million student papers, curriculum texts, faculty research pieces, journals, and scholarly books to further airpower thought critical to the intellectual growth of the Air Force. AU Press is the preeminent press for airpower-related publishing. Their story deserves telling within the US Air Force and to the general public.

Following them guarantees immediate improvement for anyone who has struggled with formulating statements for recognition packages and appraisals. Skillful writing doesn’t have to be difficult. Fifty years ago, our Air Force made a significant step forward. Our senior leaders recognized the need for an enlisted voice on the headquarters staff and, after a significant vetting and interview process, selected Chief Master Sergeant Paul Airey to become the first CMSgt of the Air Force. Although tightly woven in timeless leadership tenets, this book is not about leadership acquired in the quietness of a classroom.

I have no interest in Wansink being prosecuted for any misdeeds — we defined which accounts had the highest propensity to buy Terminus, apple didn’t make the first mobile device. The October 19, his clients include names like Hilton and the Federal Government. Bring a printed version of the contract, be prepared to talk about it, by not only tolerating but promoting bad apples it suggests a problem with the culture at Cornell. Hear a strategic perspective on US; what’s In it For Them. When people are paying taxes to support your school, these successful sales letters instead feature FREE information that is highly targeted and helpful for potential buyers.

What you find in his writing and leadership talks are proven answers in response to questions many people are asking about leading themselves and others. The USAF Strategic Master Plan posited five strategic vectors to help prioritize investments, drive institutional change, and operationalize key concepts. The US Air Force has not had much experience in helping to create an air force for a partner nation. Usually the partner nation would already have an air force and the requisite infrastructure, only needing better airplanes, more training, or additional spare parts for the equipment already on hand. Adaptation is required to stay ahead of the competition or an adversary, remain relevant, or increase effectiveness. Military leaders must self-evaluate and confront any barriers inhibiting their growth in this area. Sawtelle provides opportunities to reflect on leadership in an uncommon context.

Self-reflection—made more credible by a certain level of discomfort— can shed light on personal and cultural blind spots. This study examines the 317th Troop Carrier Group’s experience in the southwest Pacific during World War II to identify its long-term effects. The work focuses on the 317th’s role in two specific events, the Battle of Wau in January 1943, and the airborne assault at Nadzab the following September. Each event highlights the combat airlift dichotomy of airland and airdrop. In airland, troops are moved by aircraft and disembark from the aircraft on the ground. AU Press is pleased to offer some of our featured titles on downloadable audio.

The emergence of the student movement and its use of nonviolent direct action as a tactic to gain various citizenship rights are key factors that defined this phase. Auburn Avenue had been the center of power. In the early ’60s, however, the focus of power shifted symbolically from Auburn Avenue to the city’s Historically Black Colleges and University, as a new generation of leaders with new tactics rose up to share the mantle of civil rights movement leadership. The shift in the balance of local leadership also was played out in institutions of the city. Such efforts demonstrate that Movement leaders fully understood the power of the black and white media to either garner widespread support for the goals of the movement or galvanize opposition against them. Support came from some unexpected places. Almost one hundred years before, Henry Grady, editor of The Atlanta Constitution advocated the disfranchisement and oppression of African Americans.

For example, Georgia novelist Lillian Smith, who had spoken out against segregation since the 1930s, praised the nonviolent tactics of the civil rights movement in her 1964 non-fiction book Our Faces, our Words. Frances Pauley had been an advocate of racial desegregation since the 1940s when she joined the Georgia League of Women Voters. April 15-17, 1960 at Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina. SNCC held its first conference at the Atlanta University Center on October 14-16, 1960. The October 19, 1960, mass sit-ins at lunch counters of Rich’s Department Store and seven other Atlanta department stores was one of the major actions of the student leaders. Students received advice from community leaders, such as Whitney Young, Jesse Hill, and Leroy Johnson, as well as AUC professors Howard Zinn, Robert Brisbane, and the Rev.