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Corporate Headquarters Frisco, Texas, specializes in Internet technology used by telecommunications companies and fixed, mobile and cable service providers that sends phone calls over the Internet around the world across over 600 networks, including two-thirds of the world’s largest service provider networks spanning more than 80 countries. GENBAND has research and development facilities principles of selling pdf Canada, China, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Texas. Genband recently purchased Nortel’s CVAS business and technology. I have identified areas where I can improve my presentation and techniques in meetings to be more effective.

A useful introduction to sales techniques and strategies for people with an engineering-led background and experiences. Nice guy, very open and made you feel comfortable. Lots of brainstorming with your colleagues . Good and easy concepts used during the sessions that can be applied to daily job. A pleasant seminar, very helpful to get some fresh ideas to use in daily life to improve inter-personal relationships to perform better at work and eventually to get more sales! Very interactive, lots of personal experience delivered.

The seminar provided a broad range of aspects of sales work, covering different types of sales. A lot of experience has been shown and illustrated the cases. Practical exercises helped to get a firm grip on do’s and don’ts. Best of all I liked the practical exercises which helped a lot to understand the course material. Course is very good as an initial step in sales.

Good way of delivering information – knowledge through fun. The seminar was very practical, with many exercises getting us to realize the benefits of the techniques and put them to the test. Would be good to make the course longer – one day extra. Realisation that sales is within us and that with some guidance engineers can make a huge difference to the sales cycle by adapting our approach to customer interaction. Presentation section was very useful to me. I needed to clarify that in my own mind and your session did that.

An excellent introduction to sales held in an easy atmosphere. This was a good introduction to sales. Good balance between presentation and role play. Customer comments I recently downloaded your book Selling for Engineers, which I found very useful. I’d like to get a copy of “Sales Prospecting for Engineers” . I’ve just downloaded your 2 manuals, How to hire a good Technical Salesman and Sales prospecting for Engineers.

I brought Selling for Engineers a while ago. May I say how delighted we have been with your manuals and how effective we find the content. I have just read your two books, “Selling for Engineers” and “How to Create Powerful Technical Sales Literature”. I found them both full of extremely wise pointers and comments. I believe the principles presented by the books are absolutely right! We were delighted with the manuals. At our last marketing meeting I said that I was so pleased that I would be getting in touch with you.

It was the realisation that you are not a large company but a small company that has put an awful lot of effort into a very good product. I took your manuals into the first marketing meeting and left it with them. At the second review meeting the Production Director found them so good that he couldn’t put them down. When you are driving a company forward some tools are useful and some are essential.

These manuals are not only good value for money but they fill all the gaps we have been looking for. I recently read a book entitled Prospecting for Engineers by Robert Seviour. I got the impression he is a very, practical, down to earth sort of guy. Mark Robinson, Managing Director, Starret Precision Optical Ltd. That’s all worked fine – great speedy response. Its great to have good service, I seem to recall I enjoyed dealing with you all those years ago! I will take up your kind offer of another title, quite like the sound of Powerful closing techniques.

If you need any testimonials from me, let me know, I would be happy to help. Thanks again, good to deal with  you. The Selling for Engineers seminar has been held in UK, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Austria, Canada and the USA. Concerned about winning more clients for your technical business? Do you have new people who need training in how to sell? Are you a Sales Manager who needs to ‘get the message across”? Robert Seviour teaches sales skills to engineers, technical people and a diverse range of industry delegates at his ‘Selling for Engineers’ seminars.