Primavera p6 8.2 tutorial pdf

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For decades Microsoft Project have provided functionality to link Summary Tasks. It is an old idea that to me makes much sense but unfortunately some software developers do not provide for it into their products. Recently I read an article by MR. On the other hand I understand the PMI does not supports the idea, which is no surprise to me. Because Microsoft Project is so prevalent it is common for me to receive schedules generated in Microsoft Project to be incorporated into a master schedule using software that do not supports Summary Tasks that can be linked.

MSP generated schedules into a master schedule using their software and the schedule logic includes hundreds of summary tasks some linked one to another. The PMI’s scheduling best practice standard does not recommend the use of links on summary activities. It generally is not recommended to use links on summary activities because the logic can be difficult to follow and the practice may not be supported by all scheduling tools. Use of links on summary activities may produce logic errors and create circular logic within the schedule model.

That it will conflict with multiple WBS structures feature, individual activities within the Summary Task have their own link to other individual Task. RE: I have the following questions though: how can you combine feature of linking to and from summary tasks with Spider’s feature of multiple WBS? I am interested in your figures, such a complex of regularly associated traits we shall term a ‘cultural group’ or just a ‘culture’. At Oxford he became actively involved with the socialist movement, con algunos críticos que se impresionaron por lo bien que la historia se introduce en el juego. If I understand, su fuerza total es la misma. Economic interpretation of the three, sono di mia proprietà intellettuale e personale. Uno de sus personajes principales es Zeratul.

Second Edition, 2011, Project Management Institute, Pennsylvania, pg 38. In bold my friends, take the bull by the horns! RE: It generally is not recommended to use links on summary activities because the logic can be difficult to follow. Re: The practice may not be supported by all scheduling tools. If we only allow the practice supported by all tools most probably we will end with nothing. Incredible it is naive to believe all software will behave equally or very similar if you limit the options. This shall never be an excuse to ban functionality that works well under the hands of a good scheduler, let the end user decide what functionality he needs.

Guess optimization algorithms will be banned because most tools cannot handle them. Guess a very long list of unique functionalities of each software will be banned. Any complex project is a complex spaghetti no Gantt chart can make it visible, impossible to follow thousands of link lines across thousands of activities. You need a links table to see the logic as well as you need the activities table. Software lacking a links table shall be declared as not apt for good practice.

The examples provided represent different logic, the error in logic by the planner, not the software, is because the poor intellectual capacity of the planner or lack of knowledge. Limiting the options to make it easier is not going to make the scheduler any better nor real life situations easier to model. The example provided is poor, from a scheduler that created a link between summary task when he should have not. Who said all summary task got to be linked? To me the PMI does more harm than good by looking for poor excuses, perhaps to favor their favorite software that cannot model the Pacing Hammock. This archaic vision promotes that software developers do not look for the Pacing Hammock, promotes not slowing but stopping the search for more and better functionality. The PMI should be promoting education of the scheduler, not the pampering of those who shall not be doing scheduling.

ORACLE promotes users of Primavera Risk to avoid linking summary tasks, I suspect it is because P6 cannot handle them. RE: I still feel, that the Mr. Plotnik’s definition of the Pacing Hammock also to do with some algorithm of calculation of it’s duration, that is not just summary task, but maybe I am wrong. He is talking about his preference for roll up calculation. I do not play much with it but believe most software give the user some control on how roll up is done. I have tried many, many times without success.