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Introduction There are many different methods for solving the Rubik’s cube. The method I use for speedsolving is a layer based method. So R U’ L2 is shorthand for “turn the right face 90 degrees clockwise, then turn the up face 90 degrees anti-clockwise, then turn the left face 180 degrees”. For each algorithm, the notation is written with the assumption that the core of the cube remains fixed throughout the whole algorithm, and the faces just turn around it. I believe that the first layer should be done intuitively. You need to understand it and solve it without learning algorithms.

Until you can do this, I wouldn’t bother attempting the rest of the cube! So, spend some time playing with the cube and familiarising yourself with how to move the pieces around the cube. Now, here are some tips to get you started. Here’s a pic on an incorrectly formed cross. For a detailed explanation of the cross, check out Dan Harris’ Solving the Cross page.

The First Layer Corners Once you have completed the cross, completing the first layer requires inserting each of the 4 corners in separately. Step 2 Now your cube should look like this. X’ part of the corner on the face opposite the ‘colour X’ face. The same principle applies if a first layer corner piece is in the correct first layer corner position but needs to be flipped around. This is what the first layer should look like when finished.