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The Pediatric Surgery service also provides all pediatric surgical trauma services as a Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center, and simple and complex burn care at the Shriners Hospitals for Children- Boston. The Department of Pediatric Surgery has an extensive program in basic research. With this defect, the anus and rectum do not develop properly. Birthmarks are made up of malformed pigment cells or blood vessels. Branchial Cleft AbnormalitiesA branchial cleft abnormality is a mass of abnormally formed tissues within the neck. Dermoid CystA dermoid cyst is a pocket or cavity under the skin that contains tissues normally present in the outer layers of the skin.

The pocket forms a mass that is sometimes visible at birth or in early infancy but often is not seen until later years. Diaphragmatic HerniaA diaphragmatic hernia is a birth defect. An opening is present in the diaphragm. With this type of birth defect, some of the organs that are normally found in the abdomen move up into the chest cavity through this abnormal opening.

It is the inability of food or liquids to pass easily from the mouth, into the throat, and down into the esophagus to the stomach during the process of swallowing. The disorder usually involves many systems in the body, including the urinary tract, skeletal muscles and bones, and the digestive system. Head InjuryA head injury is a broad term that describes a vast array of injuries that occur to the scalp, skull, brain, and underlying tissue and blood vessels in the head. It is a disorder that primarily affects male newborns.

Inguinal HerniaA hernia occurs when a section of intestine protrudes through a weakness in the abdominal muscles. A hernia that occurs in the groin area is called an inguinal hernia. Lymphatic MalformationsA lymphatic malformation is a mass in the head or neck that results from an abnormal formation of lymphatic vessels. Lymphatic malformations are sometimes seen in children with certain chromosome abnormalities and genetic conditions. It is the most common birth defect of the digestive system. PheochromocytomaA pheochromocytoma is an adrenal gland tumor that secretes epinephrine and norepinephrine hormones.

These hormones are responsible for regulating heart rate and blood pressure, among other functions. It is most common on the face and neck, but is sometimes found elsewhere on the body. It is the second most common problem requiring surgery in newborns. Thyroglossal Duct CystA thyroglossal duct cyst is a neck mass or lump that develops from cells and tissues remaining after the formation of the thyroid gland during embryonic development. It is most commonly diagnosed in preschool-aged children or during mid-adolescence. MGHfC is pleased to announce the launch of the Neonatal Hepatology Program, a novel multidisciplinary program that allows for the careful evaluation and management of distinct and complex liver disease in newborns. April Lanord’s son, Alec Bruneau, was considered a medical mystery until he received a diagnosis of Myhre Syndrome, a very rare genetic condition, during childhood.

Since coming to the Myhre Syndrome Clinic, Alec has found a new sense of confidence and comfort in who he is. April was also inspired to become an ambassador for the clinic, helping other families get oriented to Boston and MGHfC. Shortly after birth, Elias Asry was fussy and feverish. After a few tests and several attempts to calm him, he was diagnosed with early onset septicemia from E. To help him heal and get much needed oxygen back into his body, Elias was placed on a form of life support called ECMO. Four months after discharge, Elias is happy and healthy. When she was transferred to MGHfC from Dresden, Maine, almost four hours away, multiple teams from MGHfC, including Fetal Care, the NICU and Pediatric Surgery, came together to form the support system that the Blakes needed while far away from home.

At 3 months old, Mikey was diagnosed with laryngomalacia. This made it hard for him to breathe. It also meant that he might need surgery and a tracheotomy. James Bagian, MD, PE, professor of Engineering Practice and Industrial and Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan College of Engineering, was honored as this year’s Safety Scholar at the 8th annual Patient Safety Awareness Week at MGHfC from March 12-18. Allan Goldstein, MD, FACS, has been appointed chief of Pediatric Surgery and Surgeon-in-Chief of MGHfC. Kelleher’s laboratory has created a mouse lung culture model to study how alveoli form and is using the model to identify therapies that may help newborns with lung diseases.

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