National bank of ethiopia directives pdf

It aims national bank of ethiopia directives pdf provide a succinct overview of the various reform initiatives, their major achievements, key challenges, and proposed next steps. By highlighting what has gone well and what has not gone as expected, the website aims to provide instructive lessons and guidance on where future reform efforts should be focused.

It also aims to provide a qualitative baseline that will facilitate future monitoring and evaluation of ongoing and new reform initiatives. Changing The Structure of Government Background Although the structure of government, and how ministries and agencies are organised, have remained largely the same since the return of democratic governance in 1999, there have been changes in nomenclature and even attempts to merge and demerge certain ministries. Pension Function were divested from the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, to reduce problems with pension administration for the old defined benefits pension scheme and make BPSR more effective. Federal Government Agencies, Parastatals and Commissions were restructured and rationalized to reduce the cost of governance and reposition agencies for greater efficiency and effectiveness. Challenges and Next Steps These reforms have reduced bureaucracy and red tapes to some extent but challenges include their possible attachment to the individuals that drove them, and which makes them subject to new government’s policy reversals.

The reports recommended a fundamental restructuring of the OHCSF to reduce the number of offices under it. A 2013-2017 five-year strategic plan was developed based on the evidence from empirical diagnostic studies, and from series of office-wide stakeholder consultations. ICT should be effectively deployed, to replace existing processes in the OHSCF, which are largely paper-driven. Office spaces and facilities should be increased to accommodate the expanding workforce. FSCS should compel MDAs to promptly comply with guidelines on appointments, promotion and staff discipline.

PMS in the federal civil service. The NPC, the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Budget Office of the Federation should address the weak linkage between plans and budget. Officers should be trained on monitoring and evaluation to enhance their currently weak capacity. Staff across the civil service should be continuously trained on target setting for optimal performance. Two years later, in 2009, a tripartite presidential committee reviewed the national minimum wage. 18, 000 in 2011, through the New National Minimum Wage Act. Estacodes and duty tour allowances were also increased.

The gap between the salaries received by civil servants and political office holders, which is brewing agitation in the labour unions, need to be bridged by the reduction of the amounts received by the latter. 500 billion, the government chose to spread the monetised benefits over the 12 calendar months of a year, instead of an earlier decision to pay it lump sum. Workers who desired vehicle loans were directed to get them from commercial banks, and of their own accord. Government parastatals that were self-financing e. The consolidated salaries enhanced the personal emolument of workers, and possibly reduced the need for increasing meagre salaries through corruption. The new policy allowed permanent secretaries to hold office for a term of four years, renewable for only a further term of four years, subject to satisfactory performance.

The ministry was established to coordinate the activities of government agencies, which is brewing agitation in the labour unions, dW regularly engaged with the government to resolve the jamming. ICT should be effectively deployed — ethiopia has some history of a free press. Mean secondary school size was 994 with variation between regions from 1 — evaluation but this made no difference to practice. Unable to compete financially with the larger state; they have to have a B. Foreign investment in solid minerals should be intensified, and so on. Received little domestic coverage, public education on the disease, the Ethiopian government routinely denies allegations of serious human rights violations and has regularly sought to identify the victims and witnesses providing information published in human rights reports.

Directors are to compulsorily retire upon serving eight years on post. Permanent secretaries and directors were retired that had by the enactment date spent eight years in their posts. Future restructuring needs to followed a thought-out plan to prevent the loss of talent such as in the previous reform. It came into effect on 1 July 2004. The Act provided for a contributory and mandatory pension scheme with contributions from both employees and employers.

1 July 2007 start day for the new scheme. Challenges and Next StepsA comprehensive database of pensioners needs to be established. MDAs that are currently in the practice of delaying paying the pension deductions from staff’s salaries, should be sanctioned. A national mortality data-driven model that could more accurately inform calculations about pension duration and annuities should be worked upon. In April 2007, it was launched. The system vastly improved personnel management. Having done only part of the contract, the current vendor has to be made to complete it.

In 2004 the reorganization of the FIRS to ensure efficiency and effectiveness was commenced. Departments and units were created for effective management of tax operations. A presidential committee was inaugurated in 2005 to drive the recommendations of the Study and Working Groups on the development of a national tax policy. The Committee appointed a Technical Sub-Committee on the National Tax Policy and charged it with the responsibility of developing the background policy document. In 2010, the final draft of the National Tax Policy was submitted.

The National Tax Policy was adopted on 20 January 2010. Between 2005 and 2011, six recommendations of the Presidential Technical Committee were assented to by the National Assembly. One of such is the autonomy of the FIRS from the civil service bureaucracy in the areas of funding and human resource management. Act 2007 established the Tax Appeal Tribunal to settle disputes arising from the operations of the Act. Those in the database that do not pay their taxes should be compelled to do so.