Maternal and child nursing care pdf

What does this mean for you? Learn about safe alternatives to common labor and birth practices so you can discuss them with your maternity care provider. Check out this maternal and child nursing care pdf on the effects of pregnancy on your body and the stages of fetal development.

The image here illustrates a pregnancy at 40 weeks, or full term. Healthy pregnancies and full-term births can improve the health of women and babies. Giving babies the best possible start in life For many women, pregnancy is a time of excitement and joy, but also a time that can be stressful and feel overwhelming. Families are working together to provide tips that help women have healthy pregnancies and births. The goal is to raise awareness about the importance of prenatal, childbirth and postpartum care. This helps families and helps give newborns the best possible start in life. Full-term births also improve the health of women and babies.

Being involved in your maternity care matters. With so much information out there on pregnancy and childbirth, it’s hard to know what to trust. But it’s important to become informed, because the care you receive during this time can have a big impact on your health, your baby’s health and your overall satisfaction. To make informed decisions, women need access to evidence-based information and help navigating their maternity care throughout their pregnancy and birth journey. We hope this website will empower you to take charge of your maternity care and guide you in making the best possible decisions for yourself and your baby. Your donation will help us empower women to take charge of their maternity care.

5 Ways to Encourage a Healthy, Satisfying Pregnancy and Birth Pregnancy is often a time of excitement and joy, but on that also can feel overwhelming. Check out this infographic for five tips to help you have a healthy pregnancy and birth. Tell Congress to support the Quality Care for Moms and Babies Act. Program Narrative The Associate Degree Nursing Program at NCC prepares graduates to assume entry level positions as registered nurses who provide safe, competent nursing care in the various settings of our dynamic, evolving healthcare environment. These settings can include, but are not limited to, acute care, long term care, home care, clinics, physicians’ offices, or other agencies established to meet health care needs. The Associate Degree Nursing Program requires a minimum of four academic semesters to complete. Students are accepted into the program in fall and spring semesters.

Students may choose to enter this program in either semester. The curriculum for the Associate Degree Nursing Program focuses on the art and science of nursing. Students attend class, skills laboratory and clinical simulation experiences on campus. The next cohort of student will be admitted in spring 2018. Classes and college laboratory experiences are offered on campus during the early evening hours, between 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm. General Education courses in the nursing curriculum are offered in traditional and online format during the day and evening. Students may elect to complete general education courses prior to entering the program.