Managing and organizations an introduction to theory and practice pdf

In recent years there has been much talk of the need for sustainable communities. But what is a sustainable community? Why do neighbourhoods matter and managing and organizations an introduction to theory and practice pdf is sustainability important? What are the implications of debates around sustainability for community policy and practice?

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Debates around the desirability and possibilities of sustainable communities take place against the background of four linked phenomenon: climate change, urbanization, economic growth and globalization. In short, there has been a fundamental shift in the way that many people relate to, and experience, the world. As a planet we are living beyond our means. The background To begin it is worth reminding ourselves of the impact of climate change, urbanization, economic growth and globalization. In Europe and north America over 80 per cent of the population already live in urban areas.

There is also rapid change happening elsewhere in the world. 400, and by 2015 there will be at least 550. Cities, indeed, have absorbed nearly two-thirds of the global population explosion since 1950, and are currently growing by a million babies and migrants each week. For a century or more the overwhelming majority of states have placed the highest priority upon economic growth. Political thought has become locked into what J. The result has been a large increase in industrial production and in the consumption of non-renewable resources. This, in turn, has also contributed significantly to global warming.

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