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All of the download are provided by our adversiser. DMCA report, please send email to ΑDC. Sessions started at Ardent Studios in September 1974. After two commercially unsuccessful albums, Third documents the band’s deterioration as well as the declining mental state of singer Alex Chilton.

It has since gone on to become one of the most critically acclaimed albums in history and is considered a cult album. Different opinions exist regarding the categorization of Third as a Big Star album. According to Chilton, “Jody and I were hanging together as a unit still but we didn’t see it as a Big Star record. We never saw it as a Big Star record. That was a marketing decision when the record was sold in whatever year that was sold. And they didn’t ask me anything about it and they never have asked me anything about it.

Stephens said, “I’ve seen it in different ways. In 1978 the tapes were acquired by the PVC label and given their first official release. Third was first released by Aura Records in London in 1978. The PVC release in the US came later that year. Numerous reissues by other labels on vinyl and CD would follow, often varying the title, running order, and cover art, as no ‘definitive’ version had ever been agreed upon by the band.