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Please forward this error screen to lorenzo carcaterra sleepers pdf. Nueva York, habitado por inmigrantes, padres de familia violentos, madres sumisas y varios traficantes de drogas al menudeo, uno de los cuales era King Benny. Los jóvenes son condenados por intento de homicidio y enviados a cumplir diversas condenas a una prisión de menores, el Reformatorio Wilkinson, donde los visitará con frecuencia el Padre Bobby. En el lugar sufren palizas y violaciones por parte de los guardias y deberán permanecer más allá de sus condenas originales, debido a la corrupción que existe en la prisión.

Ya adultos, John Reilly y Tommy Marcano, dos de los amigos, convertidos en matones y líderes de bandas criminales en la Cocina del Infierno, se toparán en un bar con Sean Nokes, uno de los guardias responsables de sus abusos, y lo matan a sangre fría después de recordarle quiénes eran y qué cuentas había pendientes. El juez del caso presiona al abogado Snyder para que presente a su último testigo y el padre Bobby accede finalmente, declarando falsamente bajo juramento e incluso lleva consigo boletos del juego de baloncesto al que según su dicho le habían acompañado John y Tommy el día y hora del asesinato. Con este testigo, el jurado absuelve a los amigos, quienes se reúnen con Michael y Shakes para celebrarlo. 1997 Nominado John Williams al Premio Óscar a la mejor banda sonora. Se editó esta página por última vez el 19 feb 2018 a las 01:19. El texto está disponible bajo la Licencia Creative Commons Atribución Compartir Igual 3. Sleepers is a 1996 American legal crime drama film written, produced, and directed by Barry Levinson, and based on Lorenzo Carcaterra’s 1995 novel of the same name.

Lorenzo “Shakes” Carcaterra, Tommy Marcano, Michael Sullivan, and John Reilly are childhood friends in Hell’s Kitchen in the mid-1960s. The local priest, Father Robert “Bobby” Carillo, serves as a father figure to the boys and keeps an eye on them. However, they start running small errands for a local gangster, King Benny. In the summer of 1967, they accidentally injure a man while pulling a prank on a hot dog vendor. Tommy, Michael, and John are sentenced to 12-18 months, while Shakes is given 6-12 months. There, the boys are systematically abused and raped by guards Sean Nokes, Henry Addison, Ralph Ferguson, and Adam Styler. During the boys’ stay at the facility, they participate in Wilkinson’s annual football game between the guards and inmates, one that the latter lose on purpose to avoid reprisals from the former.

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Michael convinces Rizzo, a black inmate, that they should play as hard as they can to show the guards they can fight back. Rizzo agrees, and helps to win the game. By the spring of 1968, shortly before Shakes’ release from Wilkinson, he insists that they should publicly report the abuse, but the others refuse, knowing that no one would believe them. They all therefore vow never to speak of the abuse the guards put them through once they are all out. Thirteen years later, John and Tommy, now career criminals, encounter Nokes by chance in a Hell’s Kitchen pub and kill him in front of witnesses. Michael, who has become an assistant district attorney, arranges to be assigned to the case, secretly intending to botch the prosecution.

He and Shakes, who is a newspaper reporter, forge a plan to free John and Tommy and get revenge on the guards who abused them. Michael’s plan will only work if he can discredit Nokes and place John and Tommy at another location. Ferguson, when called in court as a witness for Nokes’ character, is forced to admit that he, Nokes, and other guards abused boys. To clinch the case, however, they need a key witness who can give John and Tommy an alibi. Ferguson, a social worker, loses his job and family and is plagued by guilt for the rest of his life. Michael, Shakes, John, Tommy, and Carol meet at a bar to celebrate.