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This article’s lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents. Notable aliases Weapon Alpha, Vindicator, Jamie, Jimmy, Mac, Jimmy Hudson, Dr. Weapon Alpha and Vindicator, is a fictional character, a superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Guardian was a fan character, created by John Byrne years before he did any professional work in comics. He was originally called “the Canadian Shield”, after the rock formation, but when Byrne introduced the character in X-Men this name was rejected by publisher Marvel Comics because of their fictional organization S. He is a leading petrochemical engineer and scientist for the Am-Can Corporation developing a powered exoskeleton suit.

Following his prototype team the Flight, Hudson forms Alpha Flight as a superhero team for the Canadian government and develops his exoskeleton into a battle suit. As Weapon Alpha, Hudson sought to capture Wolverine, who had left Canada and joined the X-Men. With the cancellation of Department H and its funding, Alpha Flight is temporarily disbanded. Hudson laments this for a time, but then is called to action by the arrival of the Great Beast Tundra. He sets out alone, but Heather takes it upon herself to summon the rest of Alpha Flight, plus two recently “gold-striped” members. Hudson and Alpha Flight retain their security clearances and status as RCMP Auxiliaries.

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They have a series of adventures, both as a team and as individuals. Early on, Hudson expresses a lack of confidence in himself, but he slowly gains some over time. For example, his initial reaction to the imposing creature the Wendigo has him expressing fear. Though Hudson and his wife initially struggle as any Canadian middle-class couple do, he is soon offered a plum job with the large corporation Roxxon in New York City. Relocated to New York, Hudson is almost immediately trapped and set upon by an evil incarnation of Omega Flight and an old foe: his old boss from Am-Can, Jerry Jaxon. As before, Hudson seemingly perishes when his suit detonates while transporting the heroes back home. While again working for Department H, Hudson becomes caught up in the plans of its new director, General Jeremy Clarke.