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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718044127. Text Detection and recognition is a one of the important aspect of image processing. This paper analyzes and compares the methods to handle this task. It summarizes the fundamental problems and enumerates factors that need consideration when addressing these problems.

Causal influence measures for machine learnt classifiers shed light on the reasons behind classification, and aid in identifying influential input features and revealing their biases. However, such analyses involve evaluating the classifier using datapoints that may be atypical of its training distribution. Standard methods for training classifiers that minimize empirical risk do not constrain the behavior of the classifier on such datapoints. The GL estimator is defined by an integration rather than optimization-based method and relies on the least-squares criterion function. Distributed data processing platforms for cloud computing are important tools for large-scale data analytics.

This has led to the development of advanced dataflow oriented platforms, most prominently Apache Spark and Apache Flink. Informatics and technological advancements have triggered generation of huge volume of data with varied complexity in its management and analysis. Big Data analytics is the practice of revealing hidden aspects of such data and making inferences from it. Although storage, retrieval and management of Big Data seem possible through efficient algorithm and system development, concern about statistical consistency remains to be addressed in view of its specific characteristics. In recent years, a large scale of various wireless sensor networks have been deployed for basic scientific works. Massive data loss is so common that there is a great demand for data recovery.

While data recovery methods fulfil the requirement of accuracy, the potential privacy leakage caused by them concerns us a lot. Thus the major challenge of sensory data recovery is the issue of effective privacy preservation. An adversary with access to the inputs and outputs could train a second network to clone these weights and, having identified a weakness, use them to compute the perturbation of the input data which exploits it. The recent successes of AI have captured the wildest imagination of both the scientific communities and the general public. Robotics and AI amplify human potentials, increase productivity and are moving from simple reasoning towards human-like cognitive abilities.

The rapid growth of population and the permanent increase in the number of vehicles engender several issues in transportation systems, which in turn call for an intelligent and cost-effective approach to resolve the problems in an efficient manner. The success of current deep saliency detection methods heavily depends on the availability of large-scale supervision in the form of per-pixel labeling. Such supervision, while labor-intensive and not always possible, tends to hinder the generalization ability of the learned models. A reduction of a source distribution is a collection of smaller sized distributions that are collectively equivalent to the source distribution with respect to the property of decomposability. Constraint-based clustering algorithms exploit background knowledge to construct clusterings that are aligned with the interests of a particular user.

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