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The following article is reprinted from The Commedia Dell’Arte: A Study in Italian Popular Comedy. New York: Columbia University Press, 1912. Many people who have never heard of the commedia dell’arte have enjoyed Le Mariage de Figaro or Don Giovanni, or have seen Watteau’s and Lancret’s pictures of Italian comedians — Gilles and Pierrot — or have smiled at a Christmas pantomime, gay with bespangled Columbines and Harlequins. Disengaging the original stem from laughing wild play pdf as nearly as may be, we can follow it back quite clearly to about the middle of the sixteenth century when it begins to have a life of its own.

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This simple definition of our comedy by form alone is really the only workable one. Any attempt to limit its content results in confusion like that of the traveling players in Hamlet: “Tragedy, comedy, history, pastoral, pastoral-comical, historical-pastoral, tragical-comical-historical-pastoral,” — the Italians played them all, both in free improvised, and in formal written versions. Whenever even the loosest definition is laid down it must of course immediately be qualified. If improvisation is to be the test for marking off the commedia dell’arte, it must at once be stated that the improvisation was never more than partial.

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