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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718044127. Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. He is initially julie garwood murder list pdf to divulge his identity, but it is apparent that he knows some of the residents, in particular the Beale family.

Harry is seen regularly over the following weeks, mysteriously enquiring about old faces on the Square and cryptically turning up at the christening of Steven Beale, much to everyone’s bemusement. Bev is originally called Lucy and Cindy names her daughter after her in 1994, however from 1998 the character is renamed to Bev. She had been estranged from her daughter until a few months before she died, when Cindy contacted her asking for money. She could not give Cindy any money however, as her husband, Tom, had left her that year. Grant Mitchell, played by Ross Kemp, first appears in 1990, introduced by producer Michael Ferguson to revamp the show. Kemp remained until 1999 when he opted to leave.

Jackie Stone, played by Richard Beale, is a market trader who is elected as the Chairman of the Bridge Street Market Traders Association. When the council attempts to close part of the market for a possible development, Jackie, along with the other traders, petitions and protests against it. Dagmar winebar, where Jackie is squatting. He plants a computer that Phil and Grant stole from the council in the winebar so that Jackie will be evicted. Disa O’Brien is played by Jan Graveson. Disa is first seen in March 1990.

Diane Butcher has run away from home and is fending for herself living on the streets of London, where she befriends Disa, a fellow teenage runaway. Disa is working as a prostitute and tries to convince Diane to follow the same path with the hope that they can raise the funds to share a flat together. Diane cannot bring herself to do this however, but takes up nude modelling for an artist instead. Disa had become pregnant in 1990, and she is still living rough in London just before the birth of her child.

Knowing this, Diane spends days searching the streets of London for Disa, hoping to provide her and her soon to be born baby with accommodation. Diane and her boyfriend Mark once again search the streets of London and eventually find Disa. It is a rough ride for Disa, as she is severely lacking parenting skills. She also finds it difficult to bond with her baby initially, but with the help of Diane and Mark she begins to settle into life in the Square, and she soon grows to love her baby.

Disa refuses to admit to the sexual abuse she has been subjected to, even when she is told that Ken would be imprisoned for a long time if she did. Carol sends Sharon a letter nearly 25 years later. Carol has died and her funeral is taking place. Edward “Eddie” Royle is played by Michael Melia from 1990 until 1991. Born in Ireland, Eddie came to Britain with his parents as a boy.