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We have found a new home! This list of sequence alignment software is a compilation of software tools and web portals used in pairwise sequence alignment and multiple sequence alignment. Sequence-context specific BLAST, more sensitive than BLAST, FASTA, and SSEARCH. Genoogle uses indexing and parallel processing techniques for searching DNA and Proteins sequences. It is developed in Java and open source.

Software suite to search and cluster huge sequence sets. Combining the Smith-Waterman search algorithm with the PSI-BLAST profile construction strategy to find distantly related protein sequences, and preventing homologous over-extension errors. MUSCLE, Mauve, MAFFT, Clustal Omega, Jotun Hein, Wilbur-Lipman, Martinez Needleman-Wunsch, Lipman-Pearson and Dotplot analysis. Combines DNA and Protein alignment, by back translating the protein alignment to DNA. Alignment of cDNA sequences to a genome. Identifies splice site junctions with high accuracy. Able to recognize and separate gene duplications.

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