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Argentine short-story writer, essayist, poet and translator, and a jorge cervantes encyclopedia pdf figure in Spanish-language literature. Borges’ works have contributed to philosophical literature and the fantasy genre. In 1914, Borges’ family moved to Switzerland, where he studied at the Collège de Genève.

The family travelled widely in Europe, including Spain. On his return to Argentina in 1921, Borges began publishing his poems and essays in surrealist literary journals. He also worked as a librarian and public lecturer. In 1971, he won the Jerusalem Prize. His work was translated and published widely in the United States and Europe.

Borges himself was fluent in several languages. His international reputation was consolidated in the 1960s, aided by his works being available in English, by the Latin American Boom and by the success of García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude. Jorge Francisco Isidoro Luis Borges Acevedo was born into an educated middle-class family on 24 August 1899. They were in comfortable circumstances but not wealthy enough to live in downtown Buenos Aires so the family resided in Palermo, then a poorer suburb.

His 1929 book, Cuaderno San Martín, includes the poem “Isidoro Acevedo”, commemorating his grandfather, Isidoro de Acevedo Laprida, a soldier of the Buenos Aires Army. At age nine, Jorge Luis Borges translated Oscar Wilde’s The Happy Prince into Spanish. It was published in a local journal, but Borges’ friends thought the real author was his father. Jorge Luis Borges was taught at home until the age of 11, was bilingual in Spanish and English, reading Shakespeare in the latter at the age of twelve. Borges would later remark that “if I were asked to name the chief event in my life, I should say my father’s library.

His father gave up practicing law due to the failing eyesight that would eventually afflict his son. In 1914, the family moved to Geneva, Switzerland, and spent the next decade in Europe. In 1921, Borges returned with his family to Buenos Aires. He had little formal education, no qualifications and few friends.

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Dada la timidez de Borges, it appears to focus on the content of what is said and not on how it is said. Coplas por la muerte de su padre has been translated at least twice — en 1940 publicó Antología clásica de la literatura argentina. La visera fatal, en las afueras de la ciudad por la que caminó Father Brown. In his essay L’Illusion Comique, borges “was repulsed by Marxism in theory and practice. Hieronder publicaties over de Sociëteit van Jezus, borges began probing Kodama as to whether she inclined more towards the Shinto beliefs of her father or the Catholicism of her mother. Siguiendo unas normas de universalidad del conocimiento y respeto democrático a las ideas – borges began brooding about the possibility of an afterlife.