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This cyanobacterial bloom has the typical appearance of in the woods pdf thick layer of green paint. The bloom was found to consist of toxic species in the genus Microcystis.

Noctiluca stretched for more than 20 miles along the southern California coast. Non-toxic blooms such as these can cause extensive mortalities of plants and animals in shallow waters when the bloom biomass decays, stripping oxygen from the water. Harmful algal blooms are caused by species of tiny plants—phytoplankton—some of which produce potent chemical toxins. Fueled by periodic abundances of nutrients in the ocean, these algae multiply and proliferate until they can cover tens to hundreds of miles of coastal ocean. Dead fish from a Karenia brevis bloom in Texas. At high concentrations, toxins produced by this organism can cause massive fish kills. For example, expansive blooms of several Caulerpa spp.

Florida coast in 1997 and 2001. When shellfish accumulate dangerous toxins after filtering algae from water as food, public health is at risk. State and federal agencies monitor these shellfish for biotoxins and close affected areas, posting signs like this. Note that although the water appears clear, there is a danger present.

An example of foam produced during a Phaeocystis bloom in the North Sea. This material is unsightly and bothersome to coastal residents, but it also can coat fishermen? The primary objective of this site is to serve as a comprehensive resource for information about harmful algal blooms. While most of these species of phytoplankton and cyanobacteria are harmless, there are a few dozen that create potent toxins given the right conditions. Therefore, harmful algal bloom is a more appropriate descriptor. National Office for Harmful Algal Blooms at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Dr.

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