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The IDE provides code generation facilities via a system of templates which allow programmers to describe the program from an abstract level higher than actual code statements. The generator then turns this higher level into code, which in turn is then compiled and linked using a normal compiler and linker. This generation layer is sometimes referred to as 4GL programming. The generation layer is not required. If the templates are used to generate code then programmers are able to inject their own code into the generated code to alter, or extend, the functionality offered by the template layer. This process of embedding code can be done while viewing the surrounding generated code. This mixing of template code and generated code allows the template settings to be updated, and the code regenerated, without the loss of the embedded code.

A large collection of templates have been written by various developers some of which are offered as commercial add-ons and some of which are free. Clarion Professional Edition, Clarion Enterprise Edition and Clarion. The first release of the Clarion language was a DOS product called Clarion 1. 0 and was first released in April 1986. Barrington’s goal was to create a language that would be compact and expressive, and would maximize the use of the memory-mapped screen of the IBM PC by creating a screen designer. Initially it supported databases composed of DAT files and Clarion’s proprietary ISAM file format. Bruce Barrington formed Barrington Systems and released version 1.

However the dongle was removed with the release of 1. At the same time, an even more basic version was sold. Called Personal Developer, it was very limited in what the user could do, but was adequate for very basic database applications. And it was a fraction of the cost of Professional Developer 1.

0, released in May 1988, was known as Clarion Professional Developer, or CPD, and included a component called Designer, which incorporated a data dictionary. CPD generated Clarion code based on the contents of that dictionary and a template called a “model file. The model file was implemented with the “browse and form” paradigm, where data is initially displayed to the user in list box, and updating is done via a form called via buttons associated with the list. Clarion language using modules compiled in other languages that were built to the LEM format. A version of Clarion 2.

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