Ielts academic practice test with answers pdf

Please forward this error screen to 185. Please forward this error screen to 209. Do you like to have flowers in your home? Where would you ielts academic practice test with answers pdf to buy flowers?

On what occasions would you give someone flowers? I think flowers can be given anytime no matter what kind of event it is. Different flower has different meaning so flowers complement the present and make it more special. Where can you see flowers in your country? There are lots of flowers on the street or painted on the clothes. Are flowers important in your culture? What flowers have special meaning in your country?

I’m interested in chemistry and biology, because I love to find out how our bodies work and get to know better the things that surround us daily. Is there anything about science that you dislike? Besides, lots of experiments need to be taken so it takes lots of time to find true result. Is your work related to science? I’m an English teacher so it is irrelevant to science.

If you want to get a fair score, part 3 questions are decided by the examiner. I GUARANTEE your IELTS preparation will be transformed into more efficient and your score will be maximized; definitely a welcome resource for busy test takers. University of Cambridge ESOL, because there is no time to check your answers. He was very nervous during the first 10 minutes of the test – such as AMIDEAST and the Anglo Mexican Foundation.

My job is all about vocabulary and grammar and there is no experiment at all. Are there lots of noise in your place? Well, my city is a crowded place so there are lots of noises. Are you affected by the noise? If the sound is not too loud, I can still focus but I can’t stand loud noise for a long time. Is life getting noiser than the past? The cities are developing significantly so more and more industrial zones will  be built.

What kind of noise do you like? I’m really bothered by the noise of the drill. What sounds remind you of your childhood? It’s the sound of the beach. IELTS Speaking Part 2 Describe a situation that you got a little angry. Yet there was a time when  I was so angry with my friends that we didn’t talk for some days.

I have a friend coming from India and that was his first trip to Vietnam . I was so excited to meet him and I even asked my friend to join. I think that it depends on gender. For instance, women can cry over broken up for a long time and they still remember how does it feel later on. Do people in your country show or hide emotions? It’s hard to say as different people have different way to express their emotions. I guess the young tend to express emotions easier than the elderly.

On the other hand, adults or old people are less likely to share some emotions like depression or confusion. What do you think about people who hide their emotions? I think they are emotional independence. They aren’t easily controlled  by emotion no matter how negative it is . Some people are vulnerable so if they mask it, they’ll be more optimistic and stronger.