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IC design can be divided into the broad categories of digital and analog IC design. An average desktop computer chip, as of 2015, has over 1 billion transistors. The rules for what can and cannot be manufactured are also extremely complex. Common IC processes of 2015 have more than 500 rules. Roughly saying, digital IC design can be divided into three parts. Electronic system-level design: This step creates the user functional specification. The user may use a variety of languages and tools to create this description.

The RTL describes the exact behavior of the digital circuits on the chip, as well as the interconnections to inputs and outputs. Physical design: This step takes the RTL, and a library of available logic gates, and creates a chip design. This involves figuring out which gates to use, defining places for them, and wiring them together. Note that the second step, RTL design, is responsible for the chip doing the right thing. The initial chip design process begins with system-level design and microarchitecture planning. Within IC design companies, management and often analytics will draft a proposal for a design team to start the design of a new chip to fit into an industry segment. Upper-level designers will meet at this stage to decide how the chip will operate functionally.