Human values and professional ethics notes pdf

The last temptation is the greatest treason: to do the right deed for the wrong reason. Of course, the bad people enjoy the waking hours much more. Winston Churchill It follows that it was not a very wonderful action, or contrary to the common practice of mankind, if we did accept an empire that human values and professional ethics notes pdf offered to us, and refused to give it up under the pressure of three of the strongest motives, fear, honour, and interest. And it was not we who set the example, for it has always been law that the weaker should be subject to the stronger.

Ethics Instruction in the Military: Teach Them Plato or Hammer It into Their Heads. Officer Corps: A Repository of Virtue in an Anarchic World? The Case for Targeting Leadership in War. Title 5, Part III, Subpart B, Chapter 33, Subchapter II, Sec. Title 5, Part III, Subpart A, Chapter 29, Subchapter I, Sec. Title 10, Subtitle A, Part II, Chapter 31, Sec. To see the question paper in linear format i.

Question 1 to 14: Click ME to download PDF. IPS Safeer Karim reappears, with a bluetooth device to cheat in the Mains-2017 exam. Anyways, GSM4 has ill-planned syllabus made up in haste. So, case studies lack depth or sufficient grey areas. Same clichéd things repeatedly asked, whether it’s easy to identify good vs bad, and then every aspirant goes crazy on portraying himself as a boy scout. They list the problems faced by impractical honest upright officer, then ask your opinion as a friend of the said officer- should he leave, resign, whistlblow? Should you expose or keep mum?

Sometimes examiner worried that landless poor have to migrate to urban areas. 2017: illegal construction and workers died. Sometimes he wants rural youth to stay within backward rural areas. Sometimes you get GSM1, GSM2 or GSM3 related case studies on urban development, disaster management, role of civil services and pressure groups. GSM2- Government policies related to individual sector. Usually one case study pertains to woman related issues.

7 News-media coverage on Kangna Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan, Honeypreet and Ramrahim. 2017- asked why ethical young people are not joining active politics. 2017- again asked small minority having all wealth at the cost of majority population. 2015: asked about how to resolve conflict of interest? Examiner lists 3-5 qualities of a good civil servant and ask you to elaborate it. Happened in 2013, repeated in 2017 again.

Utilitarianism is the paradigmatic example of a consequentialist moral theory. Ethics asks how we understand, these theories offered an overarching moral principle one could appeal to in resolving difficult moral decisions. In: Spicker SF, stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. The SRA and ethics The SRA’s A Question of Trust programme aims to improve the clarity of its standards and transparency about what action the SRA will take if standards are not met.

2015- officers afraid to take initiative due to RTI  and media scrutiny. Same theory question now asked as a case study in 2017: As PIO how will you thwart attempts of RTI activists extorting money from Decision Makers and help genuine RTI applicants at the same time? Answer is verbatim available in chapter 6 page 47 of 2nd ARC report no. 2015, and now again in 2017. In 2017, thankfully, both papers were saved.

This time, they gave a quotation of Napoleon but straightforward asked who harmed society and who helped. OR perhaps examiner realized that the case studies in UPSC databank are not grey, deep and subtle enough to analyse a candidate’s character so better just ask direct theory. Thus, GS4-2017 is slightly shorter paper than first three GS paper of 2017. A every theory question is for 150 words and Section-B every case study is worth 250 words so such uniformity it gives a momentum while writing. Just like Demonetization, the GS4 Syllabus is noble in its objective but hastily thought and ill-planned. The crisis of ethical values in modern times is traced to a narrow perception of the good life.