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Retrevo has more than 100,000 manuals from more than 1,000 brands. HP Officejet Pro 8620 Manuals Manuals and User Guides for HP Officejet Pro 8620. Notice To Users Of The U. HP Designjet 111 User Manual Hp designjet 111: user guide. Page 2 1st edition Legal notices The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

The only warranties for HP Products and services are set forth in the express warranty statement accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. It is off when the printer is off. It flashes while the printer is printing or is in the process of turning off. Otherwise it is on to indicate that the printer is on. Page 8: Windows Printer Software Windows printer software The Windows driver for use with your printer is available on the HP Designjet 111 Software and Documentation CD. Page 9: Mac Os Printer Software HP Designjet System Maintenance on page Mac OS printer software The Mac OS driver for use with your printer is available on the HP Designjet 111 Software and Documentation CD.

The roll is loaded from the rear of the printer and must be fed into the rear feed slot. Use the parallel port only if your system does not support USB. A parallel connection is slower than USB and restricts the functionality available: in particular, not all functions of HP Designjet System Maintenance will be available. There are two cases, depending on the kind of IP address configuration on your network. Normally, it is not necessary to change any of these settings, so click Next. Follow the process in the HP Designjet 111 Software and Documentation CD until the installation is finished. Install the Mac OS printer driver Insert the HP Designjet 111 Software and Documentation CD into your CD drive.

In Finder, navigate to the CD. You will see the Mac OS X HP Designjet Installer icon. Double-click the icon to launch the installer. When the HP Printer Setup Assistant has finished, you can remove the CD from the CD drive. Before you begin, check that the following statements are true. Windows If you are using a Jetdirect card that already has an IP address, skip to step 7. Page 19: Get The Current Network Configuration Information Get the current network configuration information While holding the printer’s pages with information about the printer and its peripherals will be printed.

Page 21: Cut-sheet Paper Loading, Load Paper From The Input Tray, Paper Handling NOTE: The output tray holds up to 50 sheets. Load paper from the input tray If you have the HP Designjet 111 Tray printer, you can load cut sheets and envelopes from the input tray. NOTE: The input tray has two feet that must rest on the table. Page 22 Lift up the tray cover.

If the paper you are using is larger than Legal- or A4-size, move the small tab in the center towards the left so that you can lengthen the tray. Let go of the tab and pull the tray extension out as far as it will go. Page 23: Load Paper Into The Front Path Close the tray cover. Lift up the output tray and insert the input tray into the printer, keeping it straight and pushing it in as far as it will go. The left inside corner must be aligned with the plastic paper tray guide.

Page 24 If the paper is large enough to hang over the edge of the tray, pull out one or both of the tray extensions to support it. Push the paper into the printer, pushing it in as far as it will go, while maintaining its alignment to the right. Page 25: Load Paper Into The Rear Path, Unload A Sheet Of Paper Select Rear manual feed as the paper source in the printer driver. Unload a sheet of paper If you have the HP Designjet 111 Tray printer, remove the sheet from the output tray, where the printer leaves it after printing. Page 26: Load A Roll Of Paper Load a roll of paper If you have the HP Designjet 111 Roll printer, you can load rolls of paper.

See on page Load a roll of the required paper onto the spindle. Ensure that the roll is the right way round and that the blue stop on the spindle is pushed in against the paper. Page 27: Unload A Roll Of Paper Rewind any excess paper so that the paper is rolled tightly onto the spindle. NOTE: Only one source of paper can be used by the printer at any one time.