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000 documents in our growing collection! 2010 Honda Fury at the 2009 Seattle International Motorcycle Show 4. R: Aluminum swingarm, monoshock with adjustable damping and preload, 3. The Honda Fury was the first production chopper from a major motorcycle manufacturer Honda.

38 degrees were later corrected to show the angle as 32 degrees. Some design elements of the Fury, such as its narrow 21 inch front wheel and very low seat height, are found not only on choppers but appear routinely on cruiser motorcycles as well. For instance, the contemporaneous 750 cc Honda Shadow, updated in 2007 as the Spirit C2 model, had the same front wheel dimensions as the Fury, and an even lower seat height. Engineers paid particular attention to engine cooling, in order to make the radiator and its hoses as inconspicuous as possible, yet still function effectively.

This was achieved by running the top radiator hose underneath a valve cover, and by situating a thin radiator between the downtubes of the double-cradle frame. In January 2009 Honda introduced the Fury VT1300CX at the New York International Motorcycle Show, and first deliveries were in May 2009, for the 2010 model year. Motorcycles such as the Honda Fury are sometimes categorized by the mutually exclusive terms factory custom, referring to a major manufacturer’s attempt to follow the chopper fad. Harley-Davidson had taken the first steps in the 70s and 80s, but the motorcycle press generally acknowledged that Honda’s effort was the most daring stylistically. Honda has continued to produce the Fury essentially unchanged since the 2010 model, other than annual paintwork revamps. The Fury remains in the lineup as of 2017.

The model name Fury had previously been used by Royal Enfield for a variety of motorcycle models produced at different times. The BSA Fury was a prototype motorcycle manufactured in 1970 but it never went into commercial production due to financial collapse of the BSA Group. 2010 Honda Fury Test Ride: Hot Design, Easy Riding—Best Chopper Ever? When is a custom bike not a custom bike?

When it’s made by a conservative mainstream manufacturer from Japan. Honda VT1300CX: Art you can ride”. The VT1300CX is not the first factory cruiser – that honour belongs to Willie G Davidson’s 1971 Super Glide – but it is the first true factory custom. Unlike so many home-built creations, however, it’s also a rideable real-world motorcycle, and therein lies its strength. It’s a work of art you can go to work on. Honda goes after the chopper market with the Fury”.

Chopper purists may have wanted something more radical, but credit the typically conservative manufacturer with taking real design chances and marrying it to Honda reliability. Apart from its outrageous take on custom-bike style, its biggest claim to fame is it is the first chopper fitted with ABS anti-lock brakes. To our mind there is nothing else that looks like the Fury. You could have considered the Harley-Davidson Rocket, which was HD’s interpretation of a chopper, but it quietly dropped that from its line-up in 2012. 2007 Shadow Spirit 750 C2-Honda’s Next-Generation Hot-Rod Cruiser”.

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