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Hytta har vi bygget fra grunnen av, med hjelp av familie og gode venner. Sammen satt vi planene ut i live og fikk etterhvert bygget denne hytta vi er så stolte av. Prosjektet startet i 1997, og det aller meste var ferdig i løpet av 2000. Det ligger utallige timer, mye slit, men mest av alt koselige stunder og gode minner bak hver planke, spiker og list på Gunnarbu. Er mektig stolt av hytta, og gleder meg over å være der så mye som mulig. Her tilbringes mang en langhelg, alle påsker, jul, sløve sommerferieuker, høstturer, jakt og skiturer.

Hytta ligger ideelt til ved inngangen til Rondane, det er flott tur terreng her sommer som vinter, 140 km med oppkjørte skiløyper, det er vann, strøm, varmekabler og alle moderne fasiliteter, kort sagt ett sted for total avslapping og friluftsliv. Ever since the publication of Daniel Goleman’s first book on the topic in 1995, emotional intelligence has become one of the hottest buzzwords in corporate America. For instance, when the Harvard Business Review published an article on the topic two years ago, it attracted a higher percentage of readers than any other article published in that periodical in the last 40 years. O psychologists to understand what it really means and to be aware of the research and theory on which it is based. So in my presentation today, I’d like to briefly lay out the history of the concept as an area of research and describe how it has come to be defined and measured. Even though the term has been misused and abused by many popularizers, I believe it rests on a firm scientific foundation.

Also, while there are aspects of the concept that are not new, some aspects are. O psychologists can make particularly significant contributions to their clients in the future. So let’s begin with some history. When psychologists began to write and think about intelligence, they focused on cognitive aspects, such as memory and problem-solving. However, there were researchers who recognized early on that the non-cognitive aspects were also important.

For instance, David Wechsler defined intelligence as “the aggregate or global capacity of the individual to act purposefully, to think rationally, and to deal effectively with his environment”. The main question is whether non-intellective, that is affective and conative abilities, are admissible as factors of general intelligence. I have tried to show that in addition to intellective there are also definite non-intellective factors that determine intelligent behavior. Wechsler was not the only researcher who saw non-cognitive aspects of intelligence to be important for adaptation and success. Robert Thorndike, to take another example, was writing about “social intelligence” in the late thirties .

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