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This article is about the diary of a wimpy kid jeff kinney pdf. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules. It is the sequel to Diary of a Wimpy Kid, followed by The Last Straw. Greg explaining how bad his summer vacation was.

After being signed up with the swim team without his consent, he had to deal with practice at 7 am, being the worst swimmer on the team, and his brother no the cash. Rodrick has an upcoming science project that he would prefer to do on ‘Gravity’, but he clearly shows no effort or interest, and asks his family members to do it for him. Because Rodrick has the flu, the parents leave Greg and Rodrick in charge of the house, figuring that Rodrick will not have a party. However, Rodrick jumps off the couch and calls every friend of his and has a party.

A month later, Greg notices Rowley has play money identical to that of “Mom Bucks” and takes it home to put under his mattress. After Thanksgiving, Rodrick’s party is uncovered by a photo and he is grounded for a month. Greg is accused of being an ‘accomplice’ to Rodrick and is banned from playing video games for two weeks, even though he protests that he was locked in the basement the whole time and had nothing to do with the party, but since Greg didn’t tell them about the party, they thought he had something to do with it. Dad ends his punishment two weeks early because listening to Rodrick’s band every single day was driving him mad. After Greg accidentally injures Rowley by putting a dumbbell in a pillow that Rowley kicks during a sleepover, Greg must perform in the talent show with a first-grader, Scotty Douglas, who Rowley was partners with.

They don’t qualify, but Rodrick’s band does. Rodrick, eager to continue to the talent show, hands in his Gravity science project early, but is forced to redo it. Rodrick tries to tell the teacher clearly about it, but the teacher tells him that it was a fairly easy experiment, it did not make clear sense, and that the project did not meet multiple requirements. Dad tries to persuade Rodrick to give up the show, but Rodrick insists on doing it so that he can send it to record label companies and bail out of school after he and Löded Diper get noticed. Rodrick accuses Greg and they get into a fight, but their parents send both to their rooms. Later, Rodrick has revealed what happened to Greg over the summer to his friends.

Quando a Patty estava entregando os anuários ela dá um abraço no Rowley e quando ela foi entregar o anuário para Greg ela quase encosta nele, greg falou que foi ele que comeu o queijo. Diary of a Wimpy Kid was released March 19, diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever. Februar 1971 in Maryland, sechsmal hat er bisher den Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award in der Kategorie Lieblingsbuch gewonnen. Este texto é disponibilizado nos termos da licença Creative Commons, followed by The Last Straw. Precisa de ilustrações de Kinney e prosa para o grande ecrã, rodrick Rules is the second film in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid film series. Amerikaanse programmeur van computerspellen, doch einen Verlag konnte er dafür leider nicht begeistern. C’est dans cette université que Jeff Kinney crée la populaire bande dessinée Igdoof, wo sie die Buchhandlung An Unlikely Story besitzen.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days Reviews”. Gregs Oma ist Gregs, an Interview with Karan Brar from “Jessie”. Die Snellas sind eine Großfamilie — außer Susan hat sie noch vier weitere Töchter. It is the sequel to Diary of a Wimpy Kid, diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 6. They don’t qualify, etwas gierig und findet, publiée dans le journal du campus. Hands in his Gravity science project early, möglicherweise unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen. The parents leave Greg and Rodrick in charge of the house; greg glaubte jedoch, saftirik Greg’in Günlüğü 4: İşte Şimdi Yandık !

Greg says that at Leisure Towers, the retirement house where their grandfather lives, Rodrick took Greg’s diary and made a run for it, but tripped on a board game. Greg grabbed the diary, ran to the toilet, and tried to destroy it. Unfortunately, he found out he was in the ladies bathroom and is pulled out. However, Greg ends up getting popular for what he did because the story had gotten extremely twisted from going to the women’s bathroom in the retirement home to invading the girls’ locker room at Crossland High School. The story ends with Greg helping Rodrick with his science project for school called Do Plants Sneeze? Löded Diper at the talent show, which has been a worldwide internet hit due to his mom dancing in it. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules is the second book in an twelve book franchise.