Cross platform gui programming with wxwidgets pdf

How can I use Perl interactively? How do I find cross platform gui programming with wxwidgets pdf modules are installed on my system?

How do I debug my Perl programs? DESCRIPTION This section of the FAQ answers questions related to programmer tools and programming support. The chances are that someone has already written a module that can solve your problem. Have you read the appropriate manpages? A crude table of contents for the Perl manpage set is found in perltoc.

Now just type in any legal Perl code, and it will be immediately evaluated. You can also examine the symbol table, get stack backtraces, check variable values, set breakpoints, and other operations typically found in symbolic debuggers. You can also use Devel::REPL which is an interactive shell for Perl, commonly known as a REPL – Read, Evaluate, Print, Loop. If you simply need to check quickly to see if a module is available, you can check for its documentation. If you can read the documentation the module is most likely installed.

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INC” error message, then Perl found the module name you asked for. Before you do anything else, you can help yourself by ensuring that you let Perl tell you about problem areas in your code. By turning on warnings and strictures, you can head off many problems before they get too big. You can find out more about these in strict and warnings. Beyond that, the simplest debugger is the print function.

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