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Coffee was first cultivated in Ethiopia in the 1500’s. In the nearly 500 years since, growing methods have remained cooperatives in ethiopia pdf unchanged.

Very generally, washing is most used in the southern zones of Sidama and Gedeo, know for producing Sidamo and Yirgacheffe coffees, although natural dry processing is also common. The eastern growing areas around Harrar produce almost exclusively natural dry coffees. The ECX is a government-run, open outcry commodity exchange for coffee, which manages nearly all smallholder coffee transactions. The cup character of Ethiopian coffee is nearly impossible to reproduce anywhere else in the world. Washed Ethiopian coffees sparkle with an array of citrus and tropical fruit flavors, and floral fragrances and aromas. Non-traceable ECX traded coffees retain this wonderful personality, and the quality of our washed Sidamo, Yirgacheffe and Kochere coffees from the ECX often rivals that of more traceable, farm-specific lots.

Get in touch or view our offering lists below. So happy to be back in Nueva Segovia to cup this year’s microlots! There is already a healthy flowering for the coming year and the smell is incredible! Feliz Semana Santa to our many friends in Latin America! Semana Santa is one holiday during the year where entire towns, businesses, schools, and government across Latin America close for at least four days, Thursday through Sunday. We had an educational blast at the 6th Annual CODECH Cupping Competition!

5 winners are women producers, and we couldn’t be more proud of their hard work. Norwegian Red Cross is a member of the world wide Red Cross Movement working in the fields of relief and assistance and the development of sister Red Cross societies. Red Crescent societies as well as donors and international partners. We are now seeking a Country Cluster Manager for Burundi and Mali, to be based in Bujumbura. The Country Cluster Manager is the overall responsible for Norwegian Red Cross supported programmes in the countries. Red Cross National Society, The ICRC, The IFRC, other Partner Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies working in the countries, the Norwegian Embassy and international donors and organizations present in the countries.

The portfolio includes Health, Disaster Risk Reduction and Organisational Development. Cooperate closely with the Burundi Red Cross and the Mali Red Cross, ensuring common understanding of goals, priorities and programs. Provide guidance and support on needs analysis, programme development, quality assurance and management. If you have any questions, please contact Regional Representative, Marcos Diaz: Marcos. The PBF supports the UN s broader peacebuilding objectives in countries emerging out of conflict or at risk of relapsing into conflict. It is intended to be a catalytic fund, driven by planning, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms tailored to support the peacebuilding strategies of in-country UN and Government leadership. The evaluation will assess the results achieved and analyze the overall added value of the programme to peacebuilding in the country.

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