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Dragons were inspired by the Kobold sprites of German folklore, but, aside from their shared association with mining and their small stature, the creatures have little in common. In the article “Hey, Wanna Be a Kobold? The rules for this edition allow kobolds to shift easily around enemies and grant them bonuses when they mob together against a single target. The lore in this book emphasizes the kobold predilection for traps and stealthy theft, as well as their often suicidal reverences for dragons. Kobolds in this edition suffer a penalty when exposed to sunlight, but are granted bonuses when they mob up against a single opponent.

In the 3rd edition of the game, kobolds are distantly related to dragons, and are often found serving them as minions. Kobolds speak a version of the Draconic tongue, with a yipping accent. Kobolds are omnivores with no scruples about what or whom they eat. They can digest bark, dirt, leather, eggshells, or their own younger siblings if they are desperate enough. Kobolds reach maturity by the age of eight or nine and are considered “great wyrms” by the age of 121. They live up to 135 years.

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While they do bond with one another, they have no concept of monogamy. Kobolds are found in all climates. They seem to prefer dark, damp underground lairs and overgrown forests. They are industrious miners and if left to their own devices can carve out massive tunnel complexes, which they quickly fill to capacity thanks to their rapid rate of reproduction – which would explain their use as cannon fodder enemies.

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