Chinese steel sections catalogue pdf

Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. This is my online catalog, offering chinese steel sections catalogue pdf range of parts I can supply for Norton SOHC engines, both for International and early SOHC Manx. I can also offer parts for Amal TT carburettors, BTH KD1 racing magnetos and am expanding my catalog all the time to include new products related to the restoration of Nortons and competition motorcycles.

Update August 2008 : My day job now entails me working away for much of the week. Because of this it is often not possible for me to answer my email until the following weekend. All prices quoted are in GBP Sterling, but as I am not VAT registered this is the price you pay, there is no VAT to add. I am happy to post, and try to keep this as close to cost as possible, dependent on weight. I advise that all orders are insured to ensure delivery – from past experience! Many of the items shown below I have had made in small batch’s by high quality engineering companies, or come from trusted manufacturers and suppliers. You may find some cheaper reproduction parts elsewhere, but everything I offer I try to ensure will be of the highest possible quality.

Because of this there have been some items I have been forced to increase the price for. Castings are fully machined, and include the phosper bronze bearing fitted and honed in situ, with oilways just as per original. Aluminium SOHC Bevel Castings, as fitted to all road going Internationals and many racing Internationals as well as some SOHC Manx Nortons. As with the magnesium items above, castings are just as per original, are fully machined, and include the phosper bronze bearing fitted and honed in situ, with oilways just as per original. Unfortunately the original type Twin row self centering bronze caged ball bearing is now obsolete and no longer available. These type are the common replacement and in operation work just as well.

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