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From vibrant fungi to cryptic insects, macro subjects of all shapes, sizes, and colors are hidden throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains. Award-winning macro photographer and National Geographic Explorer, Matthew Cicanese leads this Canon Live Learning macro photography adventure of a lifetime. The Palouse is an incredible region of rolling hills filled with patterns of growing crops, rural barns, and ever-changing skies. Canon Explorer of Light Parish Kohanim will teach you to take exceptional portraits using this amazing landscape as a background. Parish Kohanim Parish Kohanim has been intimately involved with photography for over 30 years. Parish, who is a renowned commercial photographer, is now devoting his efforts towards his first love, fine art photography. Attend an upcoming Canon Sponsored Event: Lectures, presentations, workshops, and other events for Canon imaging professionals to learn from and network with their peers.

Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. New core businesses for growth We are accelerating our reformation efforts while undertaking a grand strategic transformation. Global Initiative Canon facilitates global environmantal initiatives “Earth Hour” and “Earth Day” within Canon group companies. The Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders for the 117th Business Term was held. Before clicking download, please select one of the following statements that best describes you. Check out our sister site at www. This page lists all lens hoods that we have made for Canon camera lenses.

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If your lens is not listed here and you would like us to make a lens hood for you, please let us know. You could also try printing a lens hood for a similar lens – it might fit. Some lenses feature built-in lens hoods and will therefore not appear on this list. All content and lens hoods copyright Paul Mutton 2006-2010.

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